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    I just discovered a UK crypto startup making ATM for BTC and altcoins. You guys are neighbours, check this out!


    It might be interesting to consider them as an ‘exchange’ 😉

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    Hm, seems like I totally randomly discovered an XSS failure in the forum O_O.

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    Can’t edit U_U Please do something, this integrated video is awful!

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    Makes me think that something should be done about not activating the JSEminer inside an iframe. Hackers would exploit that really bad!

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    Hi Glemiere,

    The miner will run but rewards wont be credited if the miner is run within an iframe so there is someone doing this. The main reason is that an iframe could potentially be used to hide the privacy notification or with cookie stuffing type attacks.

    The prices on SatoshiPoint are outrageous, the price is higher in GBP than the exchange price in USD. Huge markup but I guess that is how these guys are paying for the atm points and premium locations.

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    Yep’ they might need to grow a little bit in order to drive their price down :p

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