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    Dave Mallett

    Right, as soon as it’s up and running have a look around and please let us know what you think. Just be honest!

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    Platform Mining
    Changes to the way it works look impressive. I was previously getting around 1500-2000 hp/s now I’m hitting 24000 hp/s. Nice work there. I can now actually hear the CPU fan whirring away to keep it cool.

    The start mining indicator on the button wiggle is a good idea as well as oppose to watching for the response.

    I’d like to see some analytics around the hashes found per day and coins mined. coins/hashes found. Or some sort of difficulty factor on the network.

    Publisher Stats
    Stats seems to be working well with the break down of the data that we can now see per site. I can now see how much traffic is actually needed and potential page stay times to actually make publisher mining useful.

    Still haven’t seen how to a scenario to use subids yet.

    Progress earnings over time look good too, although I don’t have much data if any over 14 days to test further.

    Didn’t see any changes here nor have I tested. Feel free to send me some more jsecoin for testing 😉

    Initial error in the setup of 2FA due to server load. Super paranoid about setting it up and locking myself out 🙂

    Control of the API was a good idea. Set to read only access for example.

    Address updating
    Works and thanks for allowing a textarea input for the right formatting

    I also just got randomly logged out of the platform when accessing the side notifications bar on the mac. If I reproduce it I will let you know.

    More feedback as I come across things.

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    JSE Admin

    That’s some great feedback thank you Peter

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