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    A couple of new precautionary updates today.

    The first is we have introduced rate-limiting across the servers. This is first and foremost a security feature but is also useful to keep a cap on the API usage per user.

    It’s currently set at 500 queries per 15 minute period. If you require more just let us know.

    The second update is we have put a check in for publishers running the code within an iframe. We had a user who was iframing the code within an iframe within an iframe etc. etc. and trying to generate lots of impressions. The fraud filters picked it up but there are other issues with iframing as well, the most important of which is that we can’t guarantee the privacy notification is displayed correctly from within an iframe. Therefore code placed within an iframe wont register for unique visitors or lottery entries.

    These updates aren’t particularly exciting but they will help prevent fraud which increases distribution rewards for everyone else.

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