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    i’ve been with jse for quite some time, however i have mostly refrained from integrating it onto my site as i believe that – though it was far better than other miners using a hidden miner – it still was a bit more of a trouble to opt out of JSE than it was with CoinHive for example (though i am aware that its about to take the bullet tomorrow). i ended up never actually using a miner in that way.

    this changes now though. compared to the monero chain, jse seems to have a brighter future when it comes to browser mining. therefore my interrest in it has increased and i’m looking into trying something unique with jse. up until now i’ve been employing conventional monero browser miners with a GUI version that gives the user insight into their hashrate and the hashes they’ve mined that session. these GUI miners also let the user set all the values themselves (throttle. threads etc). this miner would be used to reward a user with a site-internal currency depending on their hashes – giving them an incentive to mine and offering full transparency.

    i’m looking to offer an alternative though: using JSE’s Publisher miner to reward the individual user. at first i had thought that this wouldnt work as jse didnt seem to be made for that, but upon discovering the API/Developer section i’ve realized that this can actually work! i’m mainly looking at using the balance api, which would allow me to query for the balance of even a SubID. this would give me the control to find out which user has been mining how much.

    now to the main focus of this thread: is it possible to display the JSEcoins earned by a publisher mining snippet?

    more importantly, does the snippet itself have that information when running? or does this not get passed back to that snippet?
    again, yes i can find this out via the api, but in a UX sense it would be quite important to let the user know in realtime (or reasonable realtime).
    this is comming from someone with a barely adequate JS knowledge, however after looking a few minutes at the code i believe it should be possible to extract the ammount of JSE the user mined, right? idealy i would dislike to hit the api-limit, so recycling information thats allready there is the dream i’m going after here.

    the goal here would be to show the user that they are making a progress, and though i am aware that “mining” isnt the only way they would earn JSE, i’d simply love to reward them for their JSE. tracking the jse a user earned and paying them for it is simple and quickly done thanks to the api, showing them their progress actively is a different matter though.

    i’m sure this can be achieved somehow (without spamming JSE’s api) and i’m looking forward to solve this along with everyone here.

    also i’m unsure if this would have been more fit for the “Webmaster” category, however i decided to put it here for now.

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    No the balance isn’t updated to the snippet. We could potentially write global variables such as:-
    window.JSEHashesFound = 40;
    window.JSETokensEarned = 3;

    or fire events on tokens earned perhaps, something like that.

    I’m not sure on the value of this however as I think you would want to use a server-side check using the API as client-side variables could be manipulated by the user and potentially cause an issue.

    Let me know what you think.

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    i agree that its value is very small and the usecase for it would be limited, so i dont think it makes sense to add this just for the one usecase.

    it was something i theorized about as it would have improved the user experience in this specific case.
    these values wouldnt have had any purpose beyond informing the user, as any actual conversions/rewards would be dealt based on the value returned by JSEs Developer api.

    so i ended up going with another approach which now simply embeds the code in all my pages if the user enables the option. and i’ll simply fetch balances via the api.

    thanks for the reply!

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