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    Does anyone know how to use the export code generated on JSE and transfer to myetherwallet.com


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    I don’t think you can yet.

    On the platform (ICO tab) there is a button to deposit/withdraw, bt it shows a big warning that it’s not live yet:

    DO NOT USE. This system is currently in developement and only operating on the Ethereum Rinkeby Testnet
    For internal testing only, do not withdraw your tokens at this stage. This functionality, when live, will allow for the withdrawal of tokens to 3rd party exchanges and ERC20 compatible wallets.
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    Yes there’s a lock on the ERC20 contract so this wont go live until after the ICO. We want to test it beforehand using the rinkeby network and ensure everything is ready to go before we list on exchange which is why that functionality is on the platform. It also helps us show people how it’s going to work with the withdraw/deposit functions. Don’t use it though as the rinkeby network is just a testnet and the tokens exported wont have any value.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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