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    I’ve started to try JSECoin today and tested it now 9 hours straight on my website and earned only 0.932 JSECoin (which is $0.93 currently?).

    Checked from Google Analytics, in this time around 2000 users were active on my website with an approximate session duration of 2 minutes each.
    This means more than 60hours of mining and not even reaching 1USD/JSE seems a bit odd to me. I put the script on every page of my website.

    Any ideas?

    Kind Regards,

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    JSE Admin

    Hi PichlerAT,

    At the moment we are distributing a fixed amount of 1440 JSEcoin tokens per day to the publishers. This is split between all the publishers based on many things but directly correlated to how much traffic they send. Yesterday the network received over 10 million hits which is making it really competitive. Obviously if you believe the price of JSE will never go over $1 USD then there is little point in running it. Our early adopters are taking the risk that the coins might never reach a high valuation. The network is growing in popularity and mining significant amounts is going to get harder. When we list on exchange the price will be determined by the open market which will mean that hopefully as adoption increases so does demand and the exchange rate to BTC.

    Looking at the stats provided I don’t think you are doing anything wrong or there’s a problem with the site. It’s just that a fixed amount of tokens are being distributed and shared between a growing publisher base.

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    So is it better to have the code on every page? Will it still run if only on the main page or is it something that needs to be on every page so it runs when people are on different pages on your website? Thanks

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    JSE Admin

    It depends on how your website works. If you have a template file you can just add it to the footer and it will automatically run on each page. If you are using wordpress you can use the JSEcoin plugin and it will automatically add it to the footer of each page. If you are using static html files with no template or server side includes then it will need to be added to each page individually if you want it to run on each page.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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