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    Valter Zikovic

    What does mean closing body tag?

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    Hi Valter,

    Right at the bottom of a html document in the source code you should see something like:


    As the last two lines of HTML. Place the code just above this.

    Here is a basic HTML example:

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    If you are installing the script on a forum software, go to the Admin Panel -> Templates -> “find the skin template you want to edit” -> “Index”.

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    Valter Zikovic

    Thank you for the reply.
    I do open the document in source code but it is locked so I can not paste the code.
    I scroll dawn to above the body but looks like the source code is read only.
    What can I do?
    Thank you

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    Hi Valter,

    It’s hard to advise on this without knowing what system you are using. If it’s wordpress you can use the JSEcoin plugin and put the code in that. If it’s static HTML files then you will need to use a ftp client to connect to your server download the files and edit them before uploading them back to the server.

    So possibly the reason that it’s read-only is because you are just reading the files from the server. You will need administrator credentials to access your server and edit the files. This can either be via an admin panel like for wordpress or via ftp username and password which would be provided by your web hosting agent.

    Again this is quite a hard thing to advise on as there are so many unknowns. It might be best to start with just trying to change something on the web page like a title or some text and get that working before you try to put the code snippet in.

    Hope that helps.

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    Valter Zikovic

    Hi James
    Again thanks
    I will try

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    Valter Zikovic

    Happy and prosperous New Year.
    Let’s hope the 2018 will be the best year for Cryptocurrency and crypto stay decentralized as should be.

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    Valter Zikovic

    Hi James,

    Did dawnload wordpress but than I stuck when I open JSEcoin plug in to put the code in??
    I did not get the page where you must paste in the code.
    I did find the screenshot do!!, M I stupid or what??

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