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    Somehow I was interested in JSE. I created an account just to get acquainted and mined a little. Now I want to go back but do not remember my number. Can I somehow restore it?

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    JSE Admin

    Hi Mike which number was it you lost? Did you write down the back up code for 2fa or pin anywhere?

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    I studied the platform and found that for some operations you need to enter a pin. And I do not remember it. At the time of creation, I just wrote random numbers and did not even think that they would be needed. Then I just wanted to see at the platform, but I was not going to mining.

    Can I somehow recognize / change pin ?

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    They will not reset the pin despite having Google 2FA and backup codes for that, all your passwords etc. Ridiculous. If they ever go mainstream they will HAVE to fix that. Meanwhile they just take your mined funds cause you are allowed to mine you just can’t ever withdraw.

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    Eric I’m not guru of block chain, but programming since Mdos and Mmidas, to show my age :)- but if they saved our pins to our account it would require security to be stored in a way that is not as securable as not.(adding a hackable recovery system, how 97.9% of emails are hacked, 2% is left stored passwords that leave .1% for REAL HACKERS)
    I personally do not want them to change it and the reason is because what’s currently in place is, well; easy. And secure.
    Cut youR loss make a new account. You have to give theM a chance(I DIDNT ALREADY, AND I CAME CRAWLING BACK) this is still new, I don’t think they intinially designed it this was. And even if they did cuddos. Asking me to remember a pin number like I do for school, work, debit cards isn’t asking too much. But to add in A security risk, not worth it. If it’s not broken don’t fix it and this server, is more stable then any miner I’ve ever used! OR SEEN IN YEARS!
    Did you know not one day has these servers been down, not in the 1year I’ve been here, eletroneum, cloud miner, miner gate, no iso app can say that as of yet.
    I get your upset for the loss but honestly remember your pin bro, come on you set up wallets and not that save that RECOVERY, and if you didn’t, you get mad at the wallet and tell the wallet To change?
    Come ooooonnnnn. Jse is only going up, welcome back! And I hope you lottery up 10 to 1 for you loss!

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    @Brandon I will paste/edit here part of what I wrote in a similar thread.

    Millions of people forget passwords and pins all the time. There are ways to reset pins/pws everywhere, almost always (with two notable exceptions: JSE and HitBTC). Speaking of 2FA, they do allow 2FA resets with some proof of ID. Yes the same company allows 2FA resets but not PIN resets.

    PS: My forever-locked coins I mined for a month amount to $4 USD. It is not the money, but the principle. You can’t have a “never reset pin ever no matter what” policy if you ever expect to go mainstream as a form of money.

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