What is your Hashrate (max and current) and CPU model?

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    Hello everyone, i’m curious what is your hashrate on platform mining?

    My CPU is Intel Xeon E3 1230 v2

    My hashrate currently is ~ 2500 h/s
    Max yesterday at late evening was ~ 4000 h/s (GMT +2)

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    CPU: Intel Xeon E5 2630-v4

    Getting 3500 h/s when on site 25-100h/s when in background.

    on iPhone 6s:
    I get about 145h/s on level 9 in foreground.

    on Intel Atom quad core:
    about 500h/s – max 750h/s

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    Dwi A Wijanarko

    iPhone 7 up to 1500h/s
    Core i3 up to 540h/s

    Same connection, why is that?

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    Palm Striker

    Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6440HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz (4 processor)
    Getting about ~2500 H/s

    Visitors are getting about 500 H/s. Visitor javascript seems less aggressive and slow.

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    ipad pro 3000-3500hp/s

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    Maximum Hash Rate: 5559 hp/s

    Intel Core i7 3770K

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    Currently 3796 hp/s

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    Intel Core i7 3770K normally 3500hp/s give or take, but for the last week it refuses to move from 500hp/s with 0 hashes found.

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    ching pang huang

    Is JSE hashrate equal to other one’s?
    like BCN or someone else.

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    1366LGA With X5680 Xeon @3.33Ghz 30,000 is my Max But mostly around 2553 – 5374 hp/s If i don’t use my PC and Set the Browser to Real Time Priority it will go around 13,000 – 30,000

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    Core i5 7th gen and in at a max 7800 with 5500 standard

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    AMD Ryzen 1600x Gigabyte AB350 16GB Ram
    4100 – 6300 HP/S

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    Acer C771 Chromebook
    Core i5 6th Gen 4GB RAM
    Max hp/s 7800
    current hp/s 4100

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    A little bit of an old thread, but ~830 Hp/s with a Raspberry Pi 3b (ARM Cortex-A53) with Vivaldi web browser.

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    joseph fogas

    3k to 5k hp/s
    core i3 6100
    8gb ddr4 2400
    vid card dont matter, but its a gtx 960 Asus OC 4gb edition
    windows 10 pro all updated
    newest firefox build
    450 watt PSU
    case is black
    red LEDs
    My computer’s name is Joshua and he likes to play games

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