What is your Hashrate (max and current) and CPU model?

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    When I mine on my LG Aristo phone im getting an average if 2400-2500 h/s

    When I mine on my Lenovo Ideapad 310 im getting 9500 h/s, it has an AMD12 7th Gen quadcore 2.5g

    I only mine on my phone when I want to use my laptop.

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    i7-920 @ 9,000+ h/s
    I don’t understand how seeing how other CPUs above are a lot more new.

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    Just like to give an update. I put the hashrate speed to 9 on my LG Aristo and I am now averaging 3200-3300 h/s and my phone stays nice and cool.

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    Another update, I switched my os from windows 10 to Linux and I have lost 4000 h/s. I hover around 5300 h/s now. Any explanation on why that might be. It def seems better to mine on a windows 10 os.

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    JSE Admin

    We haven’t actually tested much on desktop linux environments. To be honest I would have expected linux to perform better. The only thing I can think of is that the browsers are originally built for Windows and tuned to that environment as 99% of users are on that O/S. Then they are ported to linux and lose some performance because the browser wasn’t originally designed with linux in mind. This is just a guess and nothing more than speculation. It could also be that Linux is just more restrictive on the per tab CPU allocation or the amount of resources it allocates to individual processes. I love Linux and have been playing with it since I was a kid, we also use it on all our servers, so it’s certainly not anything we are doing here to restrict the hash rate on the linux operating system.

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    I’m amazed how little resources the mining uses. I’ve got my old office workstation mining away.

    HP Z600 with 24GB RAM and two Xeon X5660 CPUs on Windows 10. The slider is set at 9 and it sits there only using 5-6% utilization.

    Hash rate sits at around 9400 hashes/sec. I did expect the hashing with the slider all the way up to actually be a bit quicker than that. I know the payout is still limited, but if it helps you guys in any way for securing the blockchain or anything (I’m still new to this) it would be nice if cranking the slider all the way up had more of an effect, especially when the system has so many resources still available to use.

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    That is a beast of a device there Mark. So we have caps on the self-mining to try and make it fair for everyone. It’s quite important to us that noone can create a server-farm or supercomputer and take the majority of the self-mining rewards. I think cryptocurrency mining should be a way to distribute the currency to the masses rather than to a small pool of industrial sized mining corps. So at the moment we are trying to balance getting a significant amount of hashing power for the project while not causing performance issues for the publisher/self-miner and making it fair (to an extent) for people that may be using slower/older devices.

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    AMD Ryzen 7 1800x
    max H/s 12000
    Settings 5

    In website are limit 12k hash per sec.

    in dekstop app only 8k h/s

    I tested 15 accounts in one pc in website mining.
    and all got 12k h/s
    12’000 x 15 = 180’000 H/s with Settings 9 power.

    But sad, there are limits on H/s 🙁
    my cpu can’t show true power.

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    Rylee Panda

    I have a Samsung Chromebook Plus. I don’t know what is inside of it. I think this is what we’re talking about?

    Hashrate Speed Test: 6673 hashes/sec

    Hashrate Speed Test: 6484 hashes/sec

    Hashrate Speed Test: 6549 hashes/sec

    I have the slider sit at 9 and even in the foreground (with the screen turned off) I’m still getting great battery life. My little machine runs nice and cool.

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