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    To the big website owners who already use JSE on their pages, what is your average RPM?

    Across all my websites my RPM is around 4.70 GBP with Adsense

    JSE is currently valued at 0.006 $ per JSE, which is 0.0046 GBP.

    To keep up with Adsense at this rate, i would need to generate slightly more than 1000 JSE (0.0046*1000 = 4.6) per 1000 views.

    Now we all know we are lightyears away from that and we know this will never happen. More realistically: the value of the coin would need to increase to match Adsense revenue.

    So my question to the large website owners is, what value would JSE have to be to be more profitable than Adsense for you?

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    With Adsense i make about ~25Euros / daily
    With JSECOIN at ~0,004 i gather about 1Euro/daily
    JSE’s Price must increase to at least 0,04 to make 10Euro/Daily
    JSE’s price is very very low and i dont think it will grow more with this 10B Hard Cap.
    I think we are done for with JSE.

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    Intial ICO price – $0.006

    An basic PC mining JSE 24/7 – Electricity usage $0.01 per hour/ $0.24 per 24 hours / $1.68 per 7 days )

    Mined coins in 24 hours – ( 70 – example figure ) – ( 70 x $0.006 = $0.42 in 24 hours )

    $0.42 x 7 days = $2.94 per week / minus electricity ($1.68) = profit $1.26 per 7 days at ICO price ( $0.006 – future variable )

    It would hold someones interest more mining / for greater rewards – either extra JSE or price increase.

    If you were mining 70 JSE per day & the price was = ” $0.06 ” daily mining reward = $4.20


    Traffic – For websites mining with traffic.

    Its not unreasonable to expect $5 to $10 daily from an ad network – ( 833 JSE to 1666 JSE @ current $0.006 ICO start price )

    Some websites earn / collect way way more obviously + adsense even more. Athough this depends on the ad network + website.

    If someone was collecting – 200 JSE per day anyhow this is still only $1.20 per day ( ICO price – $0.006 )

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    *** Its not unreasonable to expect $5 to $10 daily from an ad network – ( 833 JSE to 1666 JSE @ current $0.006 ICO start price ) ***

    If you divide 833 JSE by 200 to get the pre inflated price this would be 4.165 JSE – a low figure of what early days PC miners were getting pre inflate.

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    James Bachini


    This info is really useful as we will need to adjust the mining rewards after the exchange listing once the price stabilizes.

    Thank you

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    For the self-miner, I think that mining by telephone is much more profitable. We all have an old smartphone in our closets. The electricity consumption is very very low. Need to recharge 4 times my battery of 10wh per day, or 40wh / day to 24/7 mining.

    1 kwh (in France) = 0.13 € (0.11 $)
    0.04kwh * 0.11 $ = less than 0.01 $ / day

    to farm 50 jsecoin * 0.006 $ = 0.3 $ – 0.01 $ = 0.29 $ / day

    Imagine a rig with 100 old smartphone (it’s forbidden), it would be $ 29 / day.

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    Imagine a rig with 100 old smartphone (it’s forbidden), it would be $ 29 / day.

    You mean something like this?

    Yeah, as these phones have all a different IP, it will be hard to block. And you make some additional income with click ‘fraud’ too 😉

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    Mining with rigs and cellphones is not profitable in JSE

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    If its not profitable now when will it be? Even when price goes up so does the difficulty. Right now, usually there are under 4000 miners at any time, which means that mining rewards are not that bad. But after a while, when there are something like 15000 miners at any given time the profits will not be so good. Price would go up, but still, each coin would arrive much less frequently.

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    Digging out the old thread. This is quite on topic.

    Adsense pays significantly varying click prices for traffic from the US than for example for traffic from Morocco. JSE does not take traffic quality into account yet. This means it will become a meaningful alternative for low CPC countries in the near future, especially for countries that are difficult to monetize.

    I’d like to know from @james if there are any plans to take the origin of traffic into account for the distribution in the future or not. As a webmaster working on charity related issues i am glad of course that low tier countries are valued at the same level as high tier countries. But i am not sure if Advertisers see it that way too.

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    Just updating this thread here:

    I run JSE on a quality content site that, according to statistics, received 400 unique impressions on a day. I mined 300 coins for that.
    On a page with similar content i have have 4000 visitors per day. On such a day i earn around 15 GBP, with lows of 5 GBP and highs of 40 GBP.

    If i implement the JSE code and replace Adsense on my bigger website i would make 3000 coins per day. That would be roughly $3. It is entirely clear that JSE is not able to keep up especially with the US, UK, CA premium education traffic that i can deliver. Its not worth it.

    Now i have a third website. This website has also 4000 visitors per day but only low tier countries that cannot be monetized with Adsense at all. JSE, in contrary, here is a suitable alternative because it does not take the origin of the traffic into account.

    CURRENTLY JSE is a great way to monetize legit tier 3 traffic and that’s pretty much the only use case that the coin has already. Don’t get me wrong i think that is great. So quick after launch there is already a real value. The problem i have is that publishers won’t like that. They don’t want traffic from Nepal, Ghana and Zimbabwe. But people won’t monetize premium UK traffic, when it pays 80% less.

    I would like to hear from someone of the team how they will tackle the challenge.

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    As I see it your problem is that you are not being properly rewarded by Google for the ads they sell for you. Considering that you have a quality audience if you can use the new JSE ad system to place a growing percentage of your ad inventory you will be able to charge and keep 100% of your fees instead of sharing them with Google.

    You don’t have to abandon Ad-Sense overnight. Just run it side by side with the JSE system and see which one produces the best results. Your direct advertisers will value the fact that with the JSE system there are no fake clicks. On top of that you will get the JSE coins you mine as a publisher which will go up in value as purchases by advertisers increase.

    And you always have the option of sharing your site mined JSE with your audience which in turn gives them an incentive to return.

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    hahshsh that kind of info is really valuable thank you for sharing. It’s a hard balance I guess as I really want to keep the mining global so that all users are treated equally. This isn’t the case for the ad-exchange as countries with higher GDP tend to have higher priced placements and supply and demand will always make that the case. The other thing to note is that the crypto markets are pretty horrible right now and if there was a market turnaround at some point in the future then this would make the stats when compared to USD/EUR/GBP traditional fiat earnings (Adsense) look much more favorable across all geos.

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