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    Harley Swann

    Considering this new JSE Java Concurrency – How will withdraws be made?

    For investors to contribute a large sum – a easy withdrawal process is necessary to increase reliability in a new company such as JSECOIN.

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    Hi Harley,

    So at the moment it is not possible to withdraw JSE to your local currency. We plan to ICO in 2018 and then list on exchanges. At this time you will be able to trade JSE for BTC/ETH on a 3rd party exchange and then transfer to your preferred fiat currency.

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    Hello, how the way to withdral JSEcoin?

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    Hi W,

    Are you looking to exchange JSE to your local currency? If so please see the message above. JSE will be launched on exchange as an ERC20 token which will then be compatible with exchanges, 3rd party wallets etc. The process to convert to fiat currencies will be JSE > BTC > LocalBitcoins(or other merchant) > Fiat (USD/EUR etc.)

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    fernando fersaca

    i’m selling JSEcoin . 0.005$/1 jsecoin ! pm me

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    Damien Rexroat

    I have been mining on the JSE website and started to rack up some decent numbers of coins. When and how will I be able to withdraw this?

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    Hi Damien,

    After the ICO has finished we will be listing on 3rd party crypto exchanges. Users will be able to transfer their JSE tokens to an exchange to exchange for BTC/ETH which they can then exchange to local currency via a broker such as localbitcoins/coinbase etc.

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    How can I withdraw my mined coins to an ERC20 cold wallet?

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    James Bachini

    After the ICO there will be a function to withdraw funds on the platform. Take the hex address of the wallet starting in 0x and enter it in the field on the platform and then click withdraw. It’s still in development and tokens are locked until after the ICO to prevent trading so this wont be available until October.

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