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    What do you think guys, how much will be JSECoin worth when will be available on market?

    I hope it will reach atleast 50% of Bitcoin worth, but I am very optimistic.

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    I am sure we would all want it to be extremely valuable. But with the current increase in anti-browser mining following the Piratebay scandal and others… nothing is sure. I personally believe that this could be the future of website monetization, but convincing the majority is the real challenge here 🙂 But let’s hope for the best!

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    tushar grover

    i think it would definitely something more than some other crap coins

    but i think as mining becomes hard the amount money that webmaster earns for the same amount of traffic would decrease that could be a cause of decreasing publishers using it

    let me know your views.

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    Hi guys, just wanted to chip in here. It’s really hard to predict the long-term trends for any cryptocurrencies. We wont be listing on exchanges until 2018 and at that stage I wouldn’t want to guess what the markets will be doing. I think it really depends on the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies and their usage. At the moment the majority of the cryptocurerncy market cap is speculative investors. The sooner consumers come on board and start using crypto to trade the better and less risky/volatile it will be for everyone involved in the industry. Someone like Amazon could be a game changer here if they started accepting Bitcoin for example. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done to make it more accessible to consumers too as purchasing using cryptocurrency is something that’s still quite technically challenging for a lot of users. Back to the original question on price I wouldn’t like to speculate but we hope to exceed all expectations if things go well. There are a lot of challenges and potential pitfalls ahead though which could completely derail the project. Bare in mind that investing in cryptocurrencies is very risky, investing in startups is very risky, investing in a cryptocurrency startup is exceptionally risky.

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    You really should focus on marketing. Work a little on forums such as bitcointalk, bitcoingarden and so on…

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    Also if you want this project to have any future you need to make a coin decentralized as soon as possible. Once JSE’s server is down then it’s game over. Make it possible for users to run their own fullnode.

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    tushar grover

    what are your views about this.
    could JSEcoin be a fraud too in future?

    this made me skeptical to think about investing in the coin and using it on my website.

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    The reason that guy in the article got busted is because he claimed is currency was based on something it wasn’t based on, ie. Real Estate.

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    Hi Tushar,

    I’m not familiar with the case but I think the issue was that he was lying to investors about what he was doing with the money that was invested. In contrast we try to be as transparent as possible and even publish monthly accounts detailing what we are using the funds for. It’s quite a different scenario to what we are doing so I hope we wont be considered fraud too just because we are doing an ICO to raise funds. For the record JSEcoin is definitely not backed by real-estate or diamond holdings 😉

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    I think the JSECoin can be a true success for the following reasons :

    – As James was saying, everybody knows how to use “classical” currencies like USD or EUR, and it’s easy to pay for everything you need with it. Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin requires you to be at least a geek to use it, and are extremely unethical. Everybody knows bitcoin is mainly used on the deep web for shady businesses. JSECoin is easy to use, and extremely ethical, even more ethical than classical currencies actually.

    – The web is constantly growing, JSECoin will grow as well. Also, it is based on javascript, the language we can use for everything from a website to a server without forgetting a mobile app and even robotics, it could easily be used in every devices. Maybe in the future you will be able to get some devices for free just because they will mine constantly, it could erase very toxic behaviours like planned obsolescence.

    – Everybody hates advertising. This is repulsive as f*ck, and as a webmaster the simple idea of implementing advertisings on my products gives me a headache. As a user it just makes me want to throw my mac by the window, in both cases : I simply hate it. JSECoin is not intrusive, does not consume a ton of electricity, as a user I would totally prefer mining JSECoin than having these advertising meltdown crisis. The advertising market worth billions of dollars, and JSECoin is attacking it.

    However there is still challenge around this cryptocurrency, here are the ones I’ve identified :

    – All of this can work only if mining JSECoin makes as much money as advertising, what is cool is that advertising makes less and less money for webmasters with time, and it’s actually almost impossible to think about a business model based only on advertising. However, 1440 coins per days are available on the network, if the JSECoin is a success, most websites will never ever get a dime on it, unless more coins are available on the network per day in the future, but it would devaluate the JSECoin and you wouldn’t earn more at the end while exchanging it. It would also be a betrayal to the early adopters, which would be a fatal error. But money like bitcoin worth nothing and are just speculative bullcrap, so why not ? At least JSECoin is based on the infinitely growing web/js and defeating these annoying advertising, it makes it more real to me, but again, it could go wrong.

    – If the advertisings are defeated, they will worth more. It’s pretty simple, the more websites will refuse to alter the user experience with advertising by using JSECoin, the more advertisers will be willing to pay a more expensive price, which will kill the interest in the JSECoin, but this is cyclic, because then more website will go back to advertising the more JSECoin will get interest again. It shouldn’t be fatal, and it could attract speculation around JSECoin, at the end it could be an advantage if things are designed the right way at the right time.

    – It’s too simple to mine. It can lok weird, but again 1440 coins available a day doesn’t sounds compatible with a user friendly system. It’s so easy everybody will mine it, especially because it is cheap to mine. Imagine a million people trying to find gold in a single mine at the same time, what could go wrong right ?

    I think the JSECoin is a very brillant idea, but it’s design might need some updates, maybe getting rid of the lottery hash ticket system is the way, because I don’t see it dominating the world in the future if it doesn’t provide enough for everybody.

    Hope I didn’t say too much bullshit lol.

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    Jsecoin will grow more in the future.
    More blessings to the admin and coders.
    From: Dubai

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    tushar grover

    is there a possibility that jsecoin could cross $1000 mark in next 3 years
    what are your views .

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    Bitcoin is growing really fast and I hope JSECoin will do same. But if mining of JSE will be still easy as now and worth will be over 500$ then we all will be rich fucks (bad word, but it’s true) 🙂

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    In my opinion jse is screwing it up hard by having such a narrow referral program limited to a few countries.
    After I saw that I didn’t get any referrals I stopped letting people know about it and told my not-referees not to tell anyone.

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    I agree with that. I could get tons of referrals too…

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