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    Yandex webmaster tools blocking all crypto mining sites incl. JSE coin.

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    James Bachini

    This is an ongoing issue we are aware of and are trying to get fixed. However Yandex are very hard to deal with. See previous correspondence:

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    On behalf of JSECOIN and as a stakeholder, I called today and left a message at the Massachusetts office to see if contacting them directly from a U.S. Address with a U.S. phone# would possibly help break the logjam. If they return my call, I’ll explain that JSECOIN is 100% volunteer mining software, that no CPU Cycles are used without the express opt-in permission of any user, and that as a JSECOIN participant, I’m insisting that they not block this legitimate service. James, if you have any concerns about this “Bottom-Up” approach, let me know and I’ll cease attempting to contact and persuade them from this side of the river.

    Best Regards,


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    FYI, I heard nothing back yesterday, so I sent an email to each of their sites (below). Others who want to can call or email to various Yandex sites just by picking from the drop-down list here:

    One reason I emailed, is that calling the Yandex phone# for the U.S. Site was answered into voicemail. This is somewhat unusual in the U.S.

    I’ll try again today at the U.S. Site, but better progress might also be made with several people pitching in to contact other sites via phone in their appropriate languages.

    Copy of Email is below:


    SUBJ: JSECOIN Mining inappropriately/automatically being mis-classified and blocked on Yandex Webmaster Sites

    Hi Friends:

    As a very satisfied user of JSECOIN Mining (a 100% Opt-In cryptocurrency miner), please enable JSECOIN to run in your Webmaster Tools. I’ve been a JSECOIN user/miner for years now and they are NOT a Monero-Cycle-Stealer paradigm!

    JSECOIN never uses even 1 CPU cycle of any user for mining, unless the user has seen the JSECOIN Opt-In notice that is prominently displayed on their Browser Screen, and agrees that they actually know and want to use spare CPU cycles for mining while visiting a Registered Website.

    JSECOIN has vast potential for assisting users Webmaster Site Monetization WITHOUT the user having to endure mind-numbing ad-intrusions. Preventing JSECOIN from running on Yandex Webmaster Sites deprives every Yandex Webmaster and their precious users of freedom to substantially reduce or even eliminate in-your-face Ads, while still helping Webmasters everywhere to pay for their Website costs of service.

    JSECOIN also provides Market Disruption Technology, between Advertisers and Content Providers.

    Because JSECOIN is 100% voluntary and because opting-in has already been tested and accepted by over 88 MILLION Volunteer Miners, over 24 Thousand Officially Registered (Volunteer) Sites, and has over 150 thousand Freely Opt-In, Registered Users, I’m simply requesting the obvious: that Yandex join the other Webmaster Toolsets and NOT throw out the baby with the bathwater. Please DO NOT BLOCK JSECOIN’s 100% freely Opt-In Miner from helping interested Webmasters and users who visit those Yandex sites from easily obtaining the expanding benefits of Op-In JSECOIN Mining.

    JSECOIN is Exceptionally Open, Exceptionally Honest, and has Exceptional Market Disrupting potential. Please DO NOT BLOCK IT from running IF the Webmaster using your tools wants JSECOIN to run and the users visiting such sites agree!

    Thanks for your great toolsets!

    Best Regards,


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