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    Parts of my site are blocked in Opera – which uses Yandex results – as insecure.

    From the Yandex webmaster tools:

    The site, or some of its pages, is shown with the warning “This site might be dangerous” and demoted in search results.
    Script for cryptocurrency mining found on the site. The search engine displays a warning about this and ranks the site lower.

    Find modified files on the site and delete the cryptojacking scripts. After you have done this, don’t forget to click on the “I’ve fixed everything” button.

    According to Yandex data, the script is downloaded from here

    Any idea how to solve this? Telling them I put the code by myself on the site will not work I’m afraid..

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    Yandex is an ongoing issue. We have written to their offices and tried contacting their PR and support departments who are unresponsive. I’ve uploaded the document to:

    Will give it a week or so and then tweet this out as well to try and pressure them to look at it.

    A hard company to deal with or get through to the right person. We are working on it though and if we can’t get anyone to respond we will follow up with our legal advisor to see what options we have.

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    They didn’t reply to me too ;-(

    I solved the problem by blocking their crawlers in .htaccess. Maybe every webmaster should do this as sooner or later everyone will all run into problems?

    The blocked pages can be unblocked by changing the permalinks (easy in wp, but bad for seo)

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    Would it help if smn (e.g. me) calls them in Russian to try to find the right contact to talk to? No issues to do that as long as it brings value – do not like seeing this message for my site either

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    And suddenly my site is marked as ‘clean’ in the Yandex Webmaster thing 😉

    As Yandex is blocked on my site, there is no way for them to check if I actually deleted the JSE code or not, so maybe, maybe the problem is solved?

    I contacted them using their tool to report malware, but am still waiting for a reply.

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    James Bachini

    Yeah if any Russian speaking users could contact them that would be a big help. You have our consent to contact them on our behalf. Thank you for this.

    We are still waiting for a reply here too.

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    Tried to get through to the right person, no luck yet. On an email they told me they believe their algorithms work properly and they flag the pages with JSEcoin as mining because they do mine – and it is a visitor’s choice to either visit such a page or not to. I guess an argumentation they miss is the opt-in part of the process.

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    Yes that and the way they label the code as “dangerous” which it obviously isn’t if they actually looked at the code/project.

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    Thank you for your help with this. It’s very much appreciated. We will continue to push from here as well to try and get this resolved.

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    Received another reply from Yandex today, they seem to be quite arrogant – again, no other than email contact was provided. Will be calling them this week for Legal / Complains contacts you could officially reach out to.

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    James Bachini

    Yeah that’s the same issue we are getting here. Thanks again for your help. It is very much appreciated by ourselves and all the publishers I’m sure.

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