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    Thanks to this link, you can help the development of the JSE token –>

    If everyone takes an hour of their time to translate into their native language or validate the translations already made, this will allow the JSE token to be much more accessible to all. This is a public token, open to all and not just for the small world of the English or US cryptocurrency.

    I will translate the website in french language.


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    alexis leclerc

    Good evening,

    Since today I have no access to I wanted to rework the translation into French.
    “Project is suspended” I had just finished 100%, If all my translations are put in the trash, I would be seriously disappointed.


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    Hey buddy, great attitude for helping everybody out. We definitely appreciate everything you do. I speak mandarin Chinese, but I’ll let an actual Chinese person to the translation work since my grammar is far from perfect. I would be happy to edit any English if there was need. I was an English teacher, so I’d be happy to help in that area if necessary.

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    I have no news about my translation into French. No access to crowdin for 1 week, no response to my private message “submit a job”.

    I would appreciate keeping me informed


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    alexis leclerc


    I am surprised to have no answer from you for 2 weeks. I ask you for the third time the question: What happens to my French translation of your site?

    In translating, I noticed that the site was not up to date. I have probably translated things that will no longer be useful. It does not matter, I can redo part of the translation.
    Currently, translation project is suspended. Why?

    But really, I would like to be kept informed. I mine, I participated in the ICO, I take the time to translate the project JSECOIN and you do not answer my questions on the forum, or even on the form “submit”.


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    Hi Alexis,

    Sincere apologies for the delay getting back to you. We’ve had an issue with our Crowdin account and so we will be looking to rectify this, or put another system in place to complete translation work. As soon as we have corrected this we will be in contact. Once the ICO is complete we will be completing an update to the platform at which point we will also look to get this translated as well.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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