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    John Sim

    We’ve been working on cleaning up all the issues reported – please head over and download the latest alpha release – V0.5.0.
    We are close to a beta more stable release hoping to be ready for August with support for Mac, Linux, IOS and Android!

    Keep an eye out on the social channels

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    John Sim

    @Tzahnke – C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Programs\jse-desktop\JSECoin.exe is where the app is currently installed.
    You do not need to reinstall the app – if you do it will still only create 1 instance you cannot run multiple instances of the app.

    If you search for JSECoin in your start tray you should see the app shortcut link which you can run.

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    John Sim

    @xKz – currently we do not have auto-updating setup in the alpha release – this will come when we open source the application.
    – in the meantime – we have setup the capability to disable prior versions of the app and force users to download and install the latest release.
    – this helps users provide us with feedback and bugs on the latest.
    – the latest release is 0.4.2 release date 29/04/18 and download link is available from the first post.

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    John Sim

    @Henz91 – as intended you can only have one active session. Both app and web platform will auto disconnect you.

    @Mohsen – both the desktop app and platform request user stats at set intervals – so it may not show coins mined for up to 30mins.
    This is to help keep bandwidth to our servers down.

    @Youssef – that is strange. – we are using the out of the box methods for accessing the CPU resource usage and have noticed some anomalies which we have reported to the application container team.

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    John Sim

    @Youssef – 1/ Custom installer will come as part of the official release.
    – 2/ Good spot have added that to the list for the next release!
    – 3/ tray and balance info – good idea we’ll add to the list to consider for future releases
    – 4/ Thats strange We haven’t been able to replicate 100% CPU usage what spec computer are you using?
    ….- Sounds like you have other background items that may be running..
    – 5/ I’ll add this to be fixed for next release!
    – 6/ We have had a number of reports of this happening and are looking into the issue.

    @Hans – Mobile app is coming along I think we will miss the launch date set it the timeline unfortunately..

    – 1/ This sounds like a connection issue – we will see if anyone else reports this.
    – 2/ Notification should be ready for the next release.
    ….- we are working on an autoupdater but this will be a couple releases away.

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    John Sim

    @ShineBro – we haven’t had any other reports of the installer being displayed in German? Are your laptop language settings setup with German?
    – Currently this is an unofficial alpha release – we haven’t signed the app so smart screen is expected.
    – The mining accelerator option is coming soon..
    – We haven’t noticed or had any reports that the app is using a lot of power. Remember the miner should be using less than 10% CPU on modern laptops our goal is to reduce this load even further – we will setup some additional tests to review to see if it is our app.
    – I’m not sure I understand what you’d like with the icon and taskbar?
    – The JSECoin app is available in the tray you can minimise the app or close and hide the app so it is no longer diplayed in the taskbar and is available within the tray or right click on the tray for additional options to hide the app.
    – This is an early alpha release of the app so NSIS and auto-updating will be coming in the official release after beta.

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    John Sim

    @Henz91 – fixed in the 0.4.0 release.

    @dnllln – sticky created –

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    John Sim

    0.3.9 Release just out..

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    John Sim

    @wali, @ShineBro – we are looking into the restart autoboot issue.

    @ShineBro – platform and app mining update should be catching this activity this week.
    – number of miners different from app and platform we will look into this.

    @dnllln – just for you.. 😉 To close the app you must right click the tray icon. The X hides the app within the tray mining still works with app hidden.

    @Christian Scholz – mining accelerator will be available in 0.4.0 release 😉

    @Henz91 – we have looking into GPU mining and it is possible but would require a significant amount of re-work and so we are holding back on this until after ICO to revisit.

    @Henz91 – Gold Main currency; Silver Fractional currency. ie Pounds and Pennies, Dollars and Cents.

    0.3.9 Release should be coming in the next hour or two! 🙂

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    John Sim

    @ShineLikeDiamond – Login start mining.
    – if you minimise the app then background mining will be active.
    – You can also restart your computer and the app will autoboot, login to your account and start mining.

    @Rob – we will bring in the accelerator in a week or 2.
    – didn’t want to go crazy on the first release and have everyone increase to max. 😉

    – This is built in as long as you have logged in and have started the mining process the app will know to auto login and start mining.
    ….- If you logout then the autostart mining process is stopped.
    – Hash rate control – Coming soon\
    – Hash rate cap visibility just like online Platform
    ….- Low priority…
    – Active Platform miners realtime time update as on platform
    ….- Its visible scroll down to the bottom of the mining page.
    – Last mining reward time , interval and history
    ….- Low priority…
    – Should be able to resize the mining app windows, as i want to see complete picture including console
    ….- When we finish the new platform interface the same codebase will be used on both desktop and web and will allow for scaling.
    ….- This is just an early alpha release with limited functionality so we can do some early public tests.
    – Auto App update when new version is available
    ….- Coming soon.. we are just implementing this feature now.
    ….- When there is an urgent new release the current app will auto log out and will notify you to download the latest release.
    – Theme changer from dark to light
    ….- Coming in build 0.4.0
    ….- You will be able to do this from the settings panel
    – Should Start minimized
    ….- We won’t be introducing this until after ICO.
    ….- For now you can select/click the JSECoin windows tray icon and the app will be hidden from the taskbar.
    ……..- 0.3.8 – bug where tray icon is not displayed – it is there and works – just the graphic hasn’t loaded.

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