Website Cryptocurrency Mining

There will never be a better time to start mining coin on your websites. Competition is increasing so build a stack of coins before it’s too late. Small, medium and large websites can all benefit from our cryptocurrency mining module. This is simply a javascript snippet you copy and paste on to your site.

Open your account and start earning cryptocurrency today.

Fully compatible with all major 3rd party platforms such as Adsense, Analytics, WordPress etc.

Cryptography can be used as a way for website owners to monetise their content as an alternative or in addition to displaying ads. This may be preferable for sites where space is at a premium or banner advertising is not appropriate. It could also be used in conjunction with existing advertising methods as an additional revenue stream.

“Poor Quality” traffic which doesn’t earn ad revenue such as visitors from remote regions or some js enabled spiders could also be monetised for the first time.

In-browser  cryptocurrency mining is non-intrusive and does not create negative side effects for on site or in app user experience.