Whitepaper Published

Website Cryptocurrency Mining

Whitepaper Published

August 5, 2017 Announcements News 0

You can download the full whitepaper at: https://jsecoin.com/whitepaper.pdf

Summary below:

Cryptocurrencies currently rely on miners to carry out the cryptography hashing. Hashing is a mathematical equation that is carried out at large scale to secure a blockchain which is the underlying transaction database of a cryptocurrency. This process consumes huge amounts of computing power, server farms and electricity. Miners are rewarded for their efforts by the distribution of the currency.

It is possible to carry out SHA256 and other encryption in a standard web browser or on a mobile device. By embedding a javascript snippet on a website all visitors to the website could carry out the hashing encryption process which when combined at scale could replace the role of the miners. Website owners would then be rewarded by the distribution of the currency. We have estimated 1 in 15 people either own or have access to a website which provides a large distribution base of half a billion potential miners.

The code can be loaded as a post-page-load async process so it would not disrupt website performance and the user experience would not be affected. The hashing would run in the background, behind the scenes.


Cryptography will be a way for website owners to monetize their content as an alternative to displaying ads. This may be preferable for sites where space is at a premium or banner advertising is not appropriate. It could also be used in conjunction with existing advertising methods as an additional revenue stream.

“Poor Quality” traffic which doesn’t earn ad revenue such as visitors from remote regions or some js enabled spiders could also be monetized for the first time. This could provide a foot in the door opportunity to test the program for larger media companies.