Bounty Campaign Draft Proposal

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Bounty Campaign Draft Proposal

May 30, 2018 Announcements Comment Development News 0

Please note this is a draft proposal and all figures and programs are subject to change.

UPDATED: 2018-06-20

During the ICO the bounty campaign will be divided into five aspects:-

  • Current affiliate referrals program with payout increase
  • Airdrop, fixed payout, once 7 days before ICO
  • Bounty campaign, payouts throughout ICO
  • Ambassador program to reward contributors beyond standard bounty payments
  • Whale commissions, 1% commission on all investors over $10k USD

Mockup Design Page

Affiliate Referral Program

Current countries: US, CA, GB, IE, AU, NZ, ZA, DE, FR, CH, SE, NO, FI, BE, NL, LU, DK, AT

Current payout: 200 JSE

During ICO we will extend this to a tiered system.

  • Tier 1 Countries: TBA.         Payout: 500 JSE
  • Tier 2 Countries: TBA.         Payout: 200 JSE
  • Tier 3 Countries: TBA.        Payout: 100 JSE

This will enable us to reach a wider audience while still giving some protection from bad traffic.

Update 6/6/2018

We took a list of the top 50 countries who have the most bitcoin nodes from
An then compiled that data alongside GDP per capita. (data isn’t from 2004)

We have then grouped the countries into 3 tiers by GDP/capita. T1 = $50k+, T2 = $30k+, T3 = $0+


Raw data available at

Monthly Affiliate Contest

During the ICO we will run monthly affiliate contests giving away physical items to our top affiliates. Each week we will publish a leaderboard based on the number of referrals that invested in the ICO, this will be semi-anonymous using just affiliates userID/publicKey/identicon, no referral data will be provided other than a cumulative running total. So each referral that contributes to the ICO that week will count towards the affiliates total. The affiliate with the most investor referrals at the end of the month will receive a techy product, something like a Ledger Nano hardware wallet.


All users who have completed the following steps will receive an airdrop payout of 200 JSE, existing platform users will be counted as well.

  1. Setup an account at
  2. Follow us on twitter and retweet a recent post
  3. Join our Telegram group
  4. Join our Discord channel
  5. Subscribe to official subreddit
  6. Subscribe to our Youtube channel
  7. Like the Facebook page

One account per person, duplicates will be checked and accounts closed.

One user will be selected at random from the airdrop entries to win a massive 100,000 JSE.

Bounty Campaign

The bounty campaign rewards users for helping promote the JSEcoin project. The following rewards are available:-

  • Bitcointalk Signatures
    • Jr Member – 50 JSE / week
    • Member – 70 JSE / Week
    • Full Member – 100 JSE / Week
    • Sr. Member – 150 JSE / Week
    • Hero/Legendary 250 JSE / Week

Accounts must be real users actively involved in discussions

  • Twitter Posts/Retweets
    • 100+ real followers – 25 JSE / Post
    • 500+ real followers – 50 JSE / Post
    • 1000+ real followers – 100 JSE / Post

Maximum of one post or one retweet per week.

  • Facebook Posts/Shares
    • 100+ friends – 25 JSE / Post
    • 500+ real followers – 50 JSE / Post
    • 1000+ real followers – 100 JSE / Post

Maximum of one post or one share per week.

  • Blog Posts / Articles
    Blog post must be uniquely written 200+ words, not using Google translate, wordAI etc.
    Must contain a link back to A single article can be syndicated across all of the following sites.
  • post – 100 JSE
  • post – 100 JSE
  • Self-hosted blog post – 100 JSE
  • Blockchain related forum post – 100 JSE
  • Reddit post – 100 JSE

Top 1-3 best written and articles each week will earn an additional 10,000 JSE each. We are looking for quality rather than quantity.
Please note that our team is English speaking and we are likely to have an unfortunate bias towards English articles.

  • Youtube Videos
    Video content must be 2min+ long and may not contain plagiarism.

    • Youtube Video – 500 JSE

Top 1-3 best videos each week will earn an additional 10,000 JSE each.

The code is now open-sourced at

Ambassador Program

We have been lucky enough to receive outstanding support from our community. An ambassador program will allow us to reward the people that help the project in ways which are hard to quantify.

Each week we will have a set amount of tokens to distribute via the ambassador program.

Anyone with a JSEcoin account can submit evidence (please include links or screenshots) to work they have done for the project. We will assess the submissions and give each a rating between 0-100 based on their positive impact to the project, rewards will be distributed accordingly from the available tokens on a weekly basis. Results will be published publicly along with the evidence provided. Breakdown of the distribution will be the sole decision of the JSE internal team and all decisions are final.

Weekly Ambassador Program Budget        – 50,000 JSE

This is a maximum hard cap and budget may not be distributed in full each week. We will try to balance the rewards to the impact and overall benefit to the project in line with the rest of the bounty program.

Whale Commissions

Investors contributing more than $10k USD during the ICO will be manually checked for KYC/AML regulations. At this time we will check their account referral data and the affiliate responsible for sending the user will be sent a 1% commission after the ICO has closed.

We can not break confidentiality or provide any information to affiliates on their referrals. This will be an anonymous commission payout(s).

This provides an incentive for users to send highly quality investor traffic to the referral system. It also rewards users who have been sending high quality traffic from the start as all existing referrals will be included.

This is a draft proposal and something we are currently building. If you have any feedback or suggestions please leave a comment here: