Changes To The Affiliate Program

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Changes To The Affiliate Program

September 25, 2017 Announcements News Publishers 0

In the next week we will be implementing the following changes to our affiliate referral program.

Targeted Countries: US,CA,GB,IE,NZ,AU

Payout: 3.5 JSE as standard, automatically adjusted for quality. Quality is based on the proportion of webmasters and investors referred and the user retention figures.

Affiliates sending genuine traffic targeted at either webmasters or cryptocurrency investors will be rewarded with higher payouts.

The reason we need to restrict the affiliate program to English speaking countries is because we are not ready to translate the platform or offer technical support for users in multiple languages. The platform is being developed at a fast pace and this wouldn’t be possible if we had to translate each update into multiple languages.

Later this year we will improve the whitepaper and have this translated. Until then we will be focusing on growth in our key target markets above.

Only affiliate payments will be affected, accounts will still be available globally and we welcome all users to the platform. We will however be unable to offer technical support in any languages other than English.

Additionally we have now completed the major update on the backend system which will allow us to expand beyond the current 13,000 users. We will be migrating the servers on Thursday 28th September. If all goes well we should have the self-mining back up and running before the end of the month.