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Enterprise Solutions

July 23, 2019 Announcements Code Development Investors News 0

Today we officially launch the first two API’s for the enterprise solutions.


Intelligence data on IP address reputation. A client can submit an IP address and receive data back on the likelihood of this request being derived from an automated script (bot).

This data can be used in a number of ways:

  • Media buyers using programmatic bidding can block ads being shown to bots which adds directly to their bottom line.
  • Merchants can use IP data to assess risk in payment processing
  • Developers can restrict access and add protection to their sites and backend portals.
  • Security Admins can use the data to assess threat levels and meet compliance criteria.


SideChain’s are immutable data stores that can be verified to a specific timestamp. Public data can be accessed via API calls or database queries from a client and then hashed using the standard SHA256 algorithm. This hash can then be written to the public JSE blockchain and verified publicly via a simple URL. An example script is available at:


As part of the development process we have submitted a proposal to UBS as part of the UBS Future of Finance Challenge 2019 program.

For further information on the Enterprise API’s please visit: https://developer.jsecoin.com

Billing and API credentials are managed through the platform via the enterprise tab.