Firebase Realtime Database Integration

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Firebase Realtime Database Integration

September 19, 2017 Code Development News Tests 0

As most of you have now realized we have closed the self-mining platform temporarily. This is because we just couldn’t handle the volume of users signing up to mine on their browsers. Our user base grew to 10,000 really quickly and the original platform was never designed to handle this kind of volume.

We are currently working on the next big update which will address the scaling problems and expect to open the self-mining back up in around a weeks time.

We have heard reports of people offering ways around this, including an Indonesian character who was spreading malware via a program and tutorial he asked people to download. Beware as there is no legitimate method to self-mine on the platform right now and users trying to cheat the system risk having their accounts suspended.

The next update will be almost entirely back-end and there will be nothing exciting for users unfortunately. We will be moving a lot of the data across to Googles firebase realtime database. As you can see from the screenshot we have the blockchain being written directly to the database where it can be accessed by all clients in real time. Whether this is practical as volume keeps increasing exponentially is yet to be seen and we may eventually move to a self-managed database layer if necessary. Firebase’s live event handlers are an ideal solution to a lot of our issues though and makes collecting data in a central datastore and syncing very easy (read quick to develop).

When we release the update, we will monitor it and then if all looks good reopen the self-mining platform.