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Forum Opened

September 2, 2017 Announcements Comment Development News 0

We have opened a bbpress forum on this site.

We have put some starter posts in there if anyone has any questions or suggestions then it would be a good place to get some communications going between users and the team here.

The now customary screenshot we seem to be doing on every post

Some things to note.

  • Log in details are separate from the platform. We can’t risk the security of the platform by combining them.
  • You can post anonymously
  • The content is unfiltered so there could be abuse, nsfw content. We will moderate as we go.
  • It’s brand new so don’t expect a lot of great content just yet. We want to use it as more of a Q & A section. The blog will still be the main source for announcements.


Additionally if any of the platform miners are wondering why their hashrate speeds and earnings have gone up today: