Global Publisher Mining Analysis

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Global Publisher Mining Analysis

August 16, 2018 Announcements Comment Development News Publishers 0

August marks the six month point since we started running monthly analysis of the publisher mining sector.

We did this by taking the majestic_million.csv file which is a publicly available list of the one million highest rated websites by SEO factors and crawling them to detect cryptocurrency miners. The miner list was taken from here and here.

The results are as follows:-


JSEcoin Market Share

March 2018


April 2018


May 2018


June 2018


July 2018


August 2018



Over the past 6 months JSEcoin has grown to become the world’s largest opt-in only browser mining platform with more publishers than our largest opt-in competitor authedmine. Hidden background monero miners are still popular but this is changing and the growth we’ve seen so far is exceptional considering the token is not yet tradeable. While there will always be competition from hidden background miners we can target the higher end of the market with an ethical and more efficient approach to browser mining. Once exchange listed we expect volumes to soar and the publisher base to explode.

“It’s one year since we launched the original platform and this time next year there is no reason why JSE shouldn’t have a larger publisher base than all the other browser miners combined.” – CEO James Bachini

There’s still time for early adopters to benefit from comparatively lower levels of competition. If you have a website get your mining code snippet from