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    John Sim

    @Tzahnke – C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Programs\jse-desktop\JSECoin.exe is where the app is currently installed.
    You do not need to reinstall the app – if you do it will still only create 1 instance you cannot run multiple instances of the app.

    If you search for JSECoin in your start tray you should see the app shortcut link which you can run.

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    Wow! No other apps are in that folder! I didn’t know that the local app data folder had a programs folder, and this appears to be the only app in there! It isn’t even in the menu of all programs! But this makes it easier; now I don’t have to wait for files to assemble every time I start mining!

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    Hi Tzahnke,

    I think you jusr re-installed the app overwriting it every time 🙂

    Alt-F4 only closes the app down, doesn’t delete it from your system. You could pin it to your start menu, then you don’t have to browse to the folder every time.

    just click the “Start” menu icon on the bottom left, and start typing “jse”, it should find the JSECoin desktop app, right click on it and select “Pin to start”, the app will then be added to the programs that are visible once you open the start menu.

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    I do not know if is just for me, but installer is in German language, but my computer is in some another European language (and even if not translated then is shown in English).

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    Hi JSE,

    Any luck with the desktop app for Linux??

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    Am i allowed to mine using the windows application and the browser at the same time?

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    i was answered it in facebook –

    You can start the mining on both the app and browser at the same time however you will not earn any more than just mining in 1 of them. Rewards are distributed via a lottery system, and there are restrictions of 1 ticket per blocks lottery per account. So there is no benefit to mining in both at the same time.

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    Horla, we need to push out a build for Linux still. I think this will be done when we finalize the app and get the digital signing done. At this point we should be able to make builds for Win64/32,Linux,Mac

    Kostantinos, as Yuriy said, there isn’t any financial benefit to mining on both at the same time.

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    I can’t sign into it. I’ve even directly copied my email and password, and it still won’t let me sign in. It just says “Invalid email or password”

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    Hi guys,

    I am using version 0.4.5 of the desktop app and noticed some issues which I didn’t see back in this forum.
    – Upon install, the desktop app had a conflict with Logitech software, which is now missing a dll file (nothing serious). This could have been a coincidence however.
    – Auto launch is not working (windows 10, 64 bit).
    – Once I open the ‘mining’ tab, it automatically switches the screen every 6-7 seconds to the ‘dashboard’ tab. However, mining continues as normal.
    – If I scroll through the list of transactions, the desktop app crashes/restarts.

    – It would be nice if we could also see a list of earnings from the publisher mining from within the desktop app.

    Keep up with the good work.

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    When you are mining from a pc using the desktop mining app.
    As you are logged into the app it might mean your mined coins are unintentionally exposed.
    It would seem there isnt anything preventing an unauthorized coin send.
    Is this a security risk for the mining account owner ?

    Thanks, all the best.

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    James Bachini

    Yep we have a fix for this already developed and waiting to be rolled out. It involves a pin system so every user is going to need to set a pin which will be required on transfer/export and a few other functions. That way if someone accesses your laptop/mobile while the mining is running they can’t transfer tokens without the pin number. 3 attempts wrong = lockout for 6 hours for functions that require the pin. We aren’t going to make this recoverable by email/SMS so it’s critical that users write it down and store it somewhere safe in case they forget it.

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    Hi Team,any idea when we can have the new desktop version for IOS?

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    @john Sim please develop a console miner for x86

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    Guys you should change the version on the top of the page. It is 0.4.8 and also update the change log.

    Latest Alpha Release 0.4.3

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