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    James Bachini

    We spoke a bit about it in the Telegram group a while back and it was generally agreed that the pin should be imutable. Email back up would remove the security benefits for other users, SMS/Whatsapp backup is expensive and impossible (currently) to roll out globally.

    I know it’s frustrating for anyone that’s lost it but it’s going to be a familiar number. I can’t imagine anyone would use a completely random number that they haven’t recorded somewhere safe. The network allows 3 guesses per six hour period.

    We don’t have the man power currently to do individual support and recovery based on ID checks for lost pins but this might become an option in the future for anyone that has funds sitting in an account with no access.

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    same problem here , don’t remember having put a PIN number..

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    Nikki Declercq

    On October 21, 2018 you say that the PIN was introduced a few months ago
    You also say that a pop-up would appear a few seconds after you are logged in to set up a PIN.

    However, I use the Desktop app and never logged into the website until last week and then I was not asked to set a PiN.

    Now, If I want to change something about my profile you ask me for a PIN that doesn’t exist for me. Can you at least check if a PIN was set on my account?

    I appreciate the effort.


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    Good Day Admin!

    I am planning to transfer my JSECOINS from mining to my etherwallet, unfortunately, I forgot my PIN. please help me to recover it, thank you for your response..

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    It’s not possible to set up a pin number without logging in to the account first with username and password. So for someone else to setup a pin on your account they would first need username, password and 2fa if you have that enabled.

    If a pin isn’t set up on the account you will get notified to set one up when you log in at after about 10 seconds of logging in.

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    Kudakwashe kasengezi

    I forgot my pin number.i need to recover it.

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