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    joseph fogas

    i’ve noticed the self miner count growing. as it grows, it gets harder to mine.. that is how cryptocurrency is designed to work

    the coins for referrals is great and VERY generous if you ask me…. Honestly, after reading about JSE Coin an everything, one can’t expect to be on par with webmasters by self-mining…

    eventually, I see self-mining taking a back seat as slowly it will not be worth doing it anymore… and that’s ok.

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    joseph fogas

    honestly, the best way to benefit is to pay 10 bucks, get a domain… create a blog, run the code, share your link

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    Well I don’t think the self-mining should be forgotten. Unless people could monetise their facebook profile, JSECoin needs a real way to be massively adopted : the self-mining plays a very big role here.

    Maybe the platform could die in favor of something else, but not the self-mining.
    About the 24h00 discrimination, I’m not sure it’s really a good idea because there is very low probability that users will educate themselves about the JSECoin algos, because the people targeted here are not the people targeted by bitcoin, most of them won’t be total nerds addicted to Google search, in other termes : they don’t care about the technical bullshirt. That said : people will keep mining 24/24 for poor rewards and will get upset, also, electricity will be wasted even more.

    I’m definitely against the 24h00 discrimination, it will just result in upset users leaving the boat and certainly not in an energy economy. Rewarding less users who are mining more is a default of logic, it’s the exact opposite of fair.

    To be fair and eco friendly, JSECoin ASIC resistant algo is good. Having an army of servers wasting electricity is different than having a Mac PRO who mines all day while working. It’s not fair to be rewarded more because you have more money to invest in destroying the planet, but it’s not fair not to be rewarded for mining all day with a single computer especially when JSECoin itself calls you for that with it’s low-consuming algorithm who doesn’t affect the user experience on the computer.

    The vote is definitely NO for me. People should mine while working and also while sleeping, just not with a crazy army of servers. To be eco-friendly JSECoin has to find a way to decentralise a few activities like processing transactions in order to give a real meaning to mining.


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    joseph fogas

    what is this “google” of which you speak? is it something i have to buy? lol

    I got almost 13 coins… am I a millionaire yet?

    oh! look! something smells shiney!

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    You won’t be millionaire with 13 coins, especially not now. Maybe with 15000 coins in 10 years though x)

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    BTW :
    It would be nice for you to develop a Web Assembly algo to process transactions a decentralised way. It would be way safer than a very easy-to-hack front-end JS 😉

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    Hi All,

    I am writing in response to the news post – Proof of Life Algorithm

    The JSEcoin self-mining platform has become dominated by users who are leaving their devices on 24/7.

    This would discourage devices being left on overnight wasting unnecessary power.

    No, it wouldnt, users would just switch to mine another coin. Also, you seem to think that it is only the miner running, my PC is on 24/7 but it does not just have jsecoin miner running on it. It also performs other tasks. So would still be on 24/7 if you stopped the miner.

    We could potentially provide browser based games on the self-mining platform to entertain users if they wanted to keep their PoL rating up.

    Now games sounds interesting anyway without the PoL, it could also be another way to introduce advertising revenue via ads in or between games.

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    joseph fogas

    if you put games on…. I have an idea…..

    Since cryptocurrency isn’t “real money” you can have OPTIONAL a way for users to wager coins on a game… like for instance.. texas holdem. Guarantee you will get a LOT of people on there mining while playing. I am pretty sure there won’t be much legal issues with this since users won’t be wagering any real cash.

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    JSE Admin

    Hi everyone, so the response to this was mainly that it will cause more problems with privacy than it will solve, so for the time being we will stick to the current hashing algorithm.

    Seems like the positive takeaway was having a mini-games section on the mining platform. This is something we will look at in the future.

    Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond to the blog post.

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    As I understand blockchain, which for me is just the basics. But you need more honest computers on the network at all times to prevent a hacker from altering the previous transactions. By having PoL you will be reducing the amount of honest computing power, thus giving a hacker with a farm a chance to overtake the computing power dedicated to honesty. Just a thought. So I would vote no on the Proof of Life.

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    Hi John,

    Thanks for the feedback. As James says the feedback for this has generally been negative and so we are planning to leave things as they are for now.

    Thanks again.

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