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    Q H Tan

    Which exchange will JSECoin be potentially be listed on.

    If the board currently have no information, may we know when will the board kindly inform the investors?

    This is as there are currently so many platform for cryptocurrencies and I am sure that everyone is not on every platform.

    It will be nice if the board can kindly advice the potential exchange.

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    James Bachini

    Hi Q H Tan, we can’t tell you yet as we haven’t applied to any exchanges yet. This will happen after the ICO. ICO will close on October 11th, as soon as possible afterwards we will apply for exchange listing. I think we will make an announcement then to let everyone know which exchange we will be on so there is time to set up accounts and do KYC if required before the listing goes live.

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    Is there a shorter list of preferred exchanges that are within possible reach based on the behind the scenes factors ?


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    I’d go for Bitrex too. Binance is great.
    Cryptopia looks less “elitist” concerning the coins they add, which can be cool for a start.
    Be VERY careful with “free” exchanges, though… A lot of them will offer you to add your new coin for free, and then one day their website just stops working, the withdrawals are locked and they go away with their members’ money. That’s exactly what happened with Octaex very recently.

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    Rob the list we are using is the coinmarketcap list here:

    This orders each exchange by volume and also gives you details on what cryptos/tokens they are doing volume in. Ideally we are looking for one that is moving up this list, with lots of different tokens. Some are more like merchants/brokers.

    Philippe, both Bitrex and Binance have listing fees in excess of two million USD. They would probably be my first and second choice but it’s just not feasible at this stage. Even if we did have the funds to cover listing fees I think it would be beneficial to the project and token pricing to start with a mid-size exchange and work up.

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    I think that you have to try to be in coinbase and bitpanda. Will JSECOIN be able to achieve that?

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    Coinbase is almost impossible to get on, they currently only have 5 cryptocurrencies so it’s a big ask. Never say never but until Coinbase start listing other projects noone is getting on.

    Bitpanda has a few more but these are both more like brokers than actual exchanges. Their main function is to sell Bitcoin for fiat local currencies rather than trading pairs.

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    I think that it is important to get listed on BitPanda.
    How are we supposed to exchange JSECOIN for USD if we are not listed there? (I dont know if Binance lets you do that, someone tell me please).

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    @ James


    @ Christos

    You’ll have to wait like the many until the ICO period has been completed and JSE decide which is exchange is best / suitable based on the circumstances at the time.

    Extra congratulations to JSE at this point as the project will have reached a greater phase and scale.

    This will hopefully give extra value to the coin after much hard work.

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    So, you think we will be able to be listed on binance?

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    I think Binance would be a ideal scenero and it would probably do well on there, the exposure would be grand!
    From what James has mentioned before the cost to list a coin is very high indeed. Probably a milion dollars +++

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    Honestly, I don’t think you need to worry about being able to get USD out of it. There are already many sites accepting JSECoin as payment for stuff, I remember reading one person stating that her book or something on her site was selling better than ever once she offered it for JSECoin, plus pretty soon they will have it set-up for us to be able to buy advertising space on websites with it. So, not only will there be ways for you to earn it, but plenty of ways to sell it. At the very least you can probably get someone to buy it on a local coin exchange.

    The thing about JSECoin is that it is functional. Most coins only work within an application, but JSECoin can sprawl across the web and become the webmaster’s coin because webmasters can earn it from traffic and spend it on advertising on other sites. If this team figures out how to implement something that gets webhosting companies involved JSECoin will be golden.

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    I see that Monero(Coinhive) is JavaScript embedded too. Its price is ~90USD. Do you beliebe that JSEcoin may have the same success?
    Sorry for my bad English.

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    Monero isn’t directly related to coinhive. Coinhive is a 3rd party application that happens to mine Monero. Monero is a privacy coin as well. There’s quite a lot of differences between the projects to be honest so I wouldn’t like to draw a direct comparison and can’t speculate on pricing. Our market share of the browser mining market compared to Coinhive has been growing month on month. Once exchange listed and the token is tradeable, I don’t think it will take too long for us to gain a 50%+ market share of the browser mining industry.

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    Perhaps it would be worth a try to get shortlisted for the Binance community coin of the month (e.g. in October or November). Every month, Binance selects a set of new altcoins and after a week long voting process, the winner is rewarded with a free listing on Binance. This obviously requires a lot of involvement from the community, but if coordinated well, might be successful. Otherwise, a listing on Binance will be too expensive for now I think.

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