JSEcoin to monetize visitors with ad-blockers

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JSEcoin to monetize visitors with ad-blockers

May 15, 2018 Code Development News Publishers 0

Update 16th May 2018

We’ve had a number of publishers express interest in running this solution but found the IAB script difficult to configure. I’ve put together a really simple script that makes this as easy as possible for publishers to use.

There’s a new demo here: https://jsecoin.com/misc/adblocker/demo.html
Note that if you don’t have an adblocker installed the demo wont be very interesting. For users who allow ads the script does absolutely nothing and the user continues to browse the website.

The source code with installation instructions is here: https://jsecoin.com/downloads/JSEcoinAntiAdblocker.zip

The wording has been tweaked a bit, screenshot below.

Note that this will only run the JSEcoin mining if a user has an adblocker installed. JSE earnings will be substantially lower than if you run the code across your entire site. It is potentially a way we can get a foot in the door with larger publishers who can benefit from recuperated ad earnings and crypto-mining rewards at the same time for traffic that was otherwise not being monetized.

All the formatting is in the jse-anti-adblocker.js file so you can tweak the design, wording etc as you like.


Original Blog Post – Solving a $62 billion Problem In Ad-Tech

Ad blockers are now used by over 30% of all internet traffic. This costs publishers over $62,000,000,000 USD (62 billion) last year. There is a huge opportunity for JSEcoin to help publishers recuperate some of that loss.

We believe that by giving users the option to either

  1. Disable the ad-blocker
  2. Continue ad-free with cryptocurrency mining

we can provide two additional revenue streams for webmasters.

In this demonstration we are going to be setting up a basic website which will be used to display 3rd party ads where possible. Users that have ad blockers installed will block these banner advertisements. We want to detect this and issue an option to either disable the ad blocker or continue ad free with cryptocurrency mining.

We will be using the standard IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) ad blocker detection script.


From there we will either display the site content and ads if no ad-blocker is installed or we will display a dialog message like the screenshot below:

Users that go on to disable the ad blocker will generate additional revenue via traditional advertising. Users that don’t want to see ads will generate mining rewards for the publisher.

There is a full demo here:- https://jsecoin.com/misc/adblocker/adblock.html

Source code is available here:- https://jsecoin.com/misc/adblocker/adblock.zip

The source code in adblock.html should be fairly easy to understand. We started with the example provided in the IAB documentation and then used the two functions:

  • adBlockDetected()
  • adBlockNotDetected()

To build the routes and display a message to users that had an ad-blocker enabled. The disable ad-blocker button leads to instructions on how to disable the ad-blocker. The crypto mining button loads the JSEcoin script dynamically which will start the mining code.

Publishers deserve to monetize the content they provide and giving users the option of an ad-free experience with cryptocurrency mining can increase both traditional advertising revenues and mining rewards.