New Hashing System Going Live Tomorrow

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New Hashing System Going Live Tomorrow

December 19, 2017 Announcements Code Development News Publishers 0

We will be carrying out maintenance tomorrow on the servers starting at 10am GMT 20th December 2017.

The update will include the new “hash a hash” system which should reduce data transfer and improve mining capabilities.

Previously each block was sent out to publishers as raw JSON data, they would insert their nonce (a random number) and create a series of SHA256 hashes.

The new system will create a pre-hash by taking a SHA256 hash of the block data server-side. This will then be sent out to the publishers and self miners. The miners will add a nonce to the pre-hash to generate the SHA256 hashes which will be sent back to the servers in the normal fashion. This will reduce data transfer costs considerably because we will be sending a 64 character string instead of an entire block containing all the mining payouts and transfers etc. It will also speed up and improve the efficiency of the mining platforms as there will be less data to crunch. In internal tests we have seen hps improvements of 100%+.

The drawback of this system is that we lose some transparency as technical users could previously open up a web developer console and see the data going through, now there will just be an alphanumeric string. This is offset by the blockchain explorer which is available at where users will be able to check that the preHashes they are receiving match the data in the blockchain if they so wish.

Previously we were using AJAX request queries and a temperamental timing system to get new block data. This has been upgraded to websockets implementation with a fallback to XHR polling. This again should make the system more efficient with near real-time communications.

There may be some disturbances to service between 10am and 11am GMT as we migrate the system. We are have been testing it for the last few days and it seems to be working great. When we open it up to the huge volume of network traffic there may be some teething problems however so bare with us while we get the servers updated and solve any issues that may arise.

Additionally we have now updated the timeline with our development plans for Q1 2018 at