Separating the Publisher and Self-Mining Prize Pools

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Separating the Publisher and Self-Mining Prize Pools

August 20, 2017 Announcements Development News 0

This was something we wrote about in the whitepaper but hadn’t actually implemented until today. Due to the fantastic adoption rate with webmasters since we launched the platform we found that it was increasingly difficult to win coins using the self-mining system on the platform. This is the “mining” page where the mining code runs on your own browser. It was effectively 1 user competing with currently half a million unique users a day we are being sent from publishers. The competition really stepped up since we had some big media and social sites start sending traffic.

To counteract this we have now set up separate mining pools for publishers and self-miners using the platform. The current distribution and coin capitalization increase is

Daily: 1440 new coins per day for publishers

Daily: 720 new coins per day for self-miners

The publisher rewards remain unchanged and publishers should benefit slightly because they wont be competing with the self-miners anymore.

The algorithm for distributing the self-miner coins is a lottery based system where one ticket is distributed per hash found. The lottery is drawn at 60 second intervals and the winning hash providers are distributed 0.01 coin

There is currently no limit to the number of tickets entered per user account but this may change in the future.

So if you find three hashes in a minute and there is less than fifty hashes in total submitted through self mining you will earn 0.03 JSE.

The reason we feel self-mining is important is it increases our distribution base beyond webmasters. To achieve wide mainstream adoption we need a system that is accessible to everyone… and also the self-mining is kinda fun 🙂