September Newsletter

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September Newsletter

September 10, 2017 Announcements News 0

We just sent out our first newsletter.

Welcome to the first JSEcoin newsletter.

Let me start off by saying a massive thank you for the support you have shown in these first few weeks. This week in particular has been great, full of big milestones for us which you have all helped contribute towards. We hit 1000 users on the platform Friday morning and this figure is continuing to rise rapidly. You can check stats on our home page in real time. We are now set up as a UK listed company – JSEcoin Limited, company no. 10940920.

As requested by yourselves we have opened a forum and a discord channel for users to get involved in the community we are building.

These are great places for us to talk to you about our ideas, to get your feedback and to share hints and tips. Feel free to also get on there to let us know if there’s something you don’t like. The busier the forum and channel gets, the better for all of us.

Right, now for the really important news!
The team have been working exceptionally hard this week on improving the platform and are now finally ready to roll out a major update which we are all pretty excited about. Here are some of the new features:

  • Two factor authentication
  • Variable hash rate adjustment on the self-mining panel
  • Digital signing of transactions in the browser
  • New blockchain format, old one will be zipped up and made publicly available.
  • Faster transaction/block times, down to 30 seconds
  • Cleaner, responsive privacy notification
  • Automated fraud checks going live
  • Recaptchas on the registration pages
  • Improved security on the login pages and reset password system
  • More scalable infrastructure

To ensure the improvements run smoothly our servers will be down for scheduled maintenance for about an hour on Monday around 9am GMT, 4am CST and during this time you may not be able to log in to the platform.

I’ve thanked people for their feedback in plenty of emails over the past couple of weeks. Hopefully you can now see that this thanks is sincere and more importantly that your feedback has been listened to. We really want to produce the best cryptocurrency platform available, and your feedback (no matter how minor you think it may be) is really important in helping us to achieve that.

Following the success of the affiliate program we are going to continue with it for the foreseeable future, however, unfortunately we will be dropping the CPA payout from 10 JSE to 3.5 JSE. The program has taken off faster than we imagined and distribution to affiliates has already exceeded 3,000 JSE. To keep this in check and not inflate the current circulation too much we need to lower the payout. Custom payouts will be available to affiliates who are sending high quality traffic targeted at cryptocurrency investors and webmasters.

To help affiliates we are introducing a range of great new tools for affiliates and developers. The API will go live for the first time allowing programmatic integration with the blockchain and all users will get an API key. We will be introducing a new HTML5 iframe banner which can be used on a site which has the hashing script enabled. The visitor will be shown how many hashes they have found in real time on the banner and given the chance to sign up to claim them. This wont affect the webmasters earnings and they will be rewarded for the referral as well.

It’s been a fantastic few weeks since we launched. Thank you so much to all the early adopters and everyone who has invested, offered suggestions and helped us get to this point. The future of JSEcoin is looking good and you are all a part of that.