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Token Economics Proposal

March 16, 2018 Announcements Investors News 0

The following is a proposal for the JSEcoin token economics which are being finalised for the ERC20 smart contract.

Below I have outlined the key points:-

  • Inflate the currency 200x. This means anyone currently holding JSE tokens will have their balance increased two hundred fold. However the price at ICO will be 200x times less and the max cap will increase as well (see below). The reason we want to do this is because investor psychology means the price of a token is given more weight than the total market cap. Projects with a lower per token price and higher market cap tend to do better at ICO and in post-ICO trading. There is also the benefit that miners will be “seeing” higher rewards with the minimum block reward being 1 JSE instead of 0.005 JSE currently. Current JSE holders will see their balance increase two hundred fold but holdings in the project as a percentage will not be affected by this change we will effectively just be moving the decimal place back.
  • We will be reducing the fixed total market cap and valuation by 50%. The initial valuation set out in our whitepaper values the project at $100m. We stated in the whitepaper that this may be reduced before ICO and we feel that this is necessary to provide better value to investors. The downside is that this limits the maximum possible amount we can raise at ICO but we feel the figures below reflect an ambitious but realistic target. This change will benefit current stakeholders and double current holdings as a percentage of the fixed cap in the project.
  • A maximum of 50% of the max total cap will be made available at ICO. The project has always been focused on long-term success and retaining a significant amount of the currency in the distribution account will enable us to continue to provide mining rewards, referral bonuses etc. long in to the future without the introduction of transfer fees or commissions. This will also restrict the circulating supply providing less initial supply on the exchanges. Effectively the circulating supply will be considerably less than max total cap for many years to come, again effectively increasing the % stake of current JSE holders.


ERC20 Token Economics (Non-finalized)

Max total cap

10,000,000,000 (10 billion)

ICO cap

5,000,000,000 (5 billion)

Exchange rate USD

0.006 USD


$60m USD

Personal Cap

Whitelisting only over $10k USD? Ref: Notes below KYC regulations

Duration of ICO

Close as soon as cap reached, 3 months max hard limit.

Price increase / bonus


With max bonus still above $1 pre-ICO price

Founders & Advisors

5% total – (4% max between shareholders, 1% for advisors)
This remuneration is considerably lower than just about every other crypto ICO and reflects our commitment to the long-term success of the project.

Minimum transfer

$50 USD

These figures are not finalized yet and nothing is legally binding. We would welcome your thoughts and opinions on the information provided. There is a forum thread here: or join us on Discord or Telegram.