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    Hi there,
    I’m liking this platform, but had a couple suggestions, and figure I’d open a thread for people to add any they might have.
    First, the lottery system is a bit opaque – for example, I understand that that each platform miner gets a single ticket to each block lottery, but does this mean that hashes build up tickets for upcoming blocks, or that extra hashes found don’t really matter? If there were some indicator, either of whether a user has a ticket in an upcoming lottery, or how many upcoming lotteries the user will be in, that would make things much more transparent.

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    Hi Mike,

    Additional tickets are not carried over to the next block. It’s really there as a feature to make it fair for everyone and not give any advantage to high powered mining equipment which would ruin it for normal users. The mining log records new block data received which is the start of each block. And you should get a bold hash found message as well. Because the blocks are quite quick it would be difficult for a user to adjust settings on a per block basis so I’m not sure if there would be any merit to adding more visibility to this. We could potentially add “ticket rewarded” to the hash found message.

    I think we will make it more obvious when rewards are distributed on the next version perhaps with a notification or a little coin icon popping up. Something like that to show the rewards. We could potentially add something similar for each lottery ticket gained but this would be happening approx every 30 seconds so we’d need to balance visibility and transparency with not making it too annoying for the users.

    Thanks for the feature suggestion.

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    Hi James, and thanks for the quick reply! Am I correct in assuming that you have a similar system in place for the webmaster-mining?

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    Hi Mike, yes we have a similar system in place for publishers but it is based more around the website visitor rather than the website owner. So one publisher can earn two tickets per block if they have a big site but one website visitor can not. So the rewards for publishers are much more correlated with the popularity of a website.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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