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    I use an old machine to mine JSE and I used to accumulate about 80 tokens a day I think but now that number has dropped down drastically. Has something changed? Has the difficulty increased?

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    Think there is just an increase in self-miners as a result of the ICO and increased affilates payments. Currently there are about 3800 active self-miners according to the platform and app, which would mean you should receive about 1 reward every 38 minutes.

    50 users get rewarded every 30 second block, which is 100 users a minute.. so you could roughly devide the number of ctive self-miners by 100 and you will get a rough estimate on how many minutes it would take you to get a reward, look at how many times those minues go in a day and you will get an estimate of the rewards you should get in a day.

    For example; lets keep it easy and say there are 4000 self-miners, which should result a reward every 40 minutes or so, 36 times 40 minutes go into a 24 hours, which should mean you would get around 36 JSE for a day mining.

    You mention that you use an old machine, which might mean that you don’t get a ticket in every lottery and that your rewards are slightly lower.. and it’s a lottery, so there might be times where you have more/less luck then others

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    Thanks for your response. This makes sense. Maybe I only used to get 30 or so JSE coins or so in a day before. Either way your answer helps. Thanks!

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    Yes as Rob says we were at 2500 miners for a long number and now we are pushing 4000 some days. Difficulty hasn’t changed and even if we do increase the network difficulty the self-mining wont be affected because the hashes required to submit a hash will stay the same but we only use hashes above a set difficulty. This is in place so that lower powered devices can mine as effectively as high powered hardware that consumes more electricity.

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    Mark Bouchard

    Something needs to change regarding the self-mining payouts.

    I’ve not received a reward for

      5 straight days

    , and I mine 24/7.

    Has the self-mining experiment come to an end?

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    There has been an update last week and you’ll have to refresh your browser or app:


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    Mark Bouchard

    Thanks for the info.

    I appreciate it.

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    80 a day? I am mining second week and have 9 tokens..

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    Pawko something doesn’t sound right there. Have you tried restarting your device? If so what hash rate are you getting? Should be given on the mining page as a hps figure or in the chart.

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    Over the past 3 days I have mined almost 6000 hashes but have received zero jse coin in the auctions. this is statistically not possible so I am wondering if something is amiss.

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    Mark something definitely isn’t right. Have you tried restarting your device? Also are you using the web platform or the desktop app?

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    I have the same problem with Mark. I have mined about 300 hashed but I could not get any JSE coin although I have done everything you said. Also I use your website.
    Could you solve that problem as soon as possible please since it seems it is worthless to mine now?

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