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    Website Mining Max – 12000
    APP Mining Max – 9500

    Mining on x 1 Windows PC only – not website mining.

    Is there any scope for increasing the hashrate on a PC for periods when the user wishes ?

    Perhaps at night time ( night rate ) or simply when a user isnt using a PC for anything and would like to dedicate more CPU percentage to mining.

    A controllable option – 10% standard – 75% booster.


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    I thought they were the same. Not sure why the app is capping out at 9500, I need to test that and speak with John about it. I think a variable boost option might work well and the coding isn’t difficult. Might be tricky from a UX point of view. Could perhaps have 24 tick boxes with a boost option per hour. I’ll forward this on to John and see what he thinks. Thanks for the suggestion.

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    Like you say, maybe x 24 select schedule boost.

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    Why there is such a decrease in hashing/reward ratio?
    Did the difficulty went up or it is somethings else? Back two months ago there was around 8-10 JSE/hour on 10k hashing rate with aprox 1200 other miner competition. Nowadays, even the competition is smaller the reward oscillate around 2,5-3,5/h

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    >inb4, yes i’m aware it is lottery, but even lottery is a matter of statistic obviously, especially when we talk about x3 decrease.. 😉 it’s just noticeable..

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    166.66.. JSE = $1.00 per day.

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    I’m not sure if the number of miners is correct after the upgrade, or if it might have been incorrect before.

    I extracted blockchain data and see that the unique nunber of users that received rewards on a daily bases have not changed that much in the past 2 weeks, while the app and platform say there are now half as many miners as before the upgrade. As far as I was able to tell, the lottery system is fair as all user rewards are very close together.

    There used to be some outliers who seemed to have found a way to get more rewards as the rest, but after last weeks upgrade, they are now also getting equal amounts as the rest.


    You could enter your account number (visible on the dashboard page in the platform), and it will highlight your user in the chart.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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