Is JSEcoin something similar to Monero?

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    I found out crpyto Monero, on first look it is similar. But it is really? 🙂

    And one Monero is currently worth 120$, which is pretty good.

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    Hi Hattricker,

    We have some similarities with Monero, unfortunately exchange price isn’t one of them 🙂

    Monero is a very established cryptocurrency, in the top 10 by market cap. We have a lot of work to do and a long way to go to reach that level.

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    About how much years you will need to reach such value on market? Estimated…

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    Hattricker, I understand your enthusiasm, but this question is a real trap for a CEO. Any answer to this question would be a suicide for his credibility.

    As I’m not having any tie (I wish) with JSECoin, I’ll try to answer you.

    The first thing to know is that there are tons of cryptocurrencies on the internet right now, but a very small amount of them are successful. A good cryptocurrency can’t exist without a good team behind, a lot of startups are using cryptocurrencies as a “get rich fast”, where they will make people dream, invest, and then leave with a big amount of cash. In some case they also discover that the monopoly game as a jail square. Luckily, JSECoin isn’t one of them, which is a good start.

    The bitcoin is successful only because of it’s first mover advantage, but most of successful cryptocurrencies come with good features such as a wallet, a payment module, and are focused on an industry to disrupt. JSECoin plays more in this category, they have a clear goal, an industry to disrupt, and obviously more features will come in the future.

    All these things are good sign for the future, but before being a cryptocurrency, JSECoin is a startup and they have as much challenge as any other company, communication, fix and variables costs, time and money to invest, building a competent and efficient team, scaling, becoming profitable, pay themselves, communicating, marketing themselves and their products, innovating, partnering and/or fighting the competitors, and I won’t even speak about the numerous legal issues they could/will know.

    If you google James a little bit, you’ll find out that he’s a serial entrepreneur, I don’t know about his personal wealth or success, but he’s not a noob anymore which can make us more confident 😉

    All this said, I’m sure that despite all these issues, what as already been accomplished here doesn’t worry me at all on their capacity to handle the hard path of the entrepreneur iceberg. If we want to be realistic, there are some facts that we can use to try to predict the future worth of JSECoin.

    1 – There is a competitor called Nimiq. Competition is a good sign encouraging that their first hypothesis about the demand and the need is right.

    2 – There is about 1500 self-miners a day which is a correct number for 3 months since launch, but it needs to scale faster.

    3 – The industry they try to disrupt is the digital advertising, not the cryptocurrency in itself. This is a billion of billions of dollars market, again it’s a very good sign for a future worth, if they keep scaling Google and Facebook will seriously shit their pants. If JSECoin were being bought by one of them, it would significantly increase the value of the JSECoin, probably enough for them to pay back their investment pretty fast, and for us to get a big chunk of cash.

    4 – The JSECoin team is playing the card of ethics where most cryptocurrencies focus on security. In a world where money is a piece of paper based on nothing but a giant debt, I don’t think security is really what matters.

    5 – JSECoin is developed in javascript so it can basically be integrated in any kind of hardware, JS is the native language of the web, the web is constantly growing, JSECoin will grow as well.

    To conclude, if the right features are developed at the right moment, and if enough people hear about it : JSECoin will send bitcoin back to hell. I mean it. But don’t expect to get a return on investment before the next 8 years 😉

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    Thank you Glemiere. That’s a better answer than I could have given.

    The only thing I would like to add is that it’s an if rather than when. There are no guarantees that we will ever reach a level where the system will be adopted by a mainstream audience which is what we would need to achieve a sky high valuation. That being said I believe we have a chance of really making a difference with JSEcoin and it’s certainly the most exciting and challenging project I have ever been involved in.

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    You have said nothing! Nothing that would make someone think i NEED to be part of this!

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    I am not trying to make anyone think they NEED to do anything. I’m really not sure what you expect me to say or how you want me to answer these questions without spreading false information. Monero was started in April 2014. Some similarities are that we are both cryptocurrencies, both focused on CPU mining, Monero is used by some web based mining programs. Some differences are that Monero is very established, uses ring signatures for stealth transactions, JSEcoin has a user-friendly platform. Aside from that I unfortunately can’t provide any guarantees or even estimates that JSEcoin will be worth X by the year Y.

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    tushar grover

    when someone invest in startup he needs to know that he is investing if there is

    enough risk reward
    solid management team
    good underlying tech/product
    a good execution plan

    and i certainly find these here.
    if people cant find these here then they shouldn’t invest and move on for the right opportunity that they understand period

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    I have recently joined JSE for reasons that are not about a vast personal profit, but about having a currency that is used in the same way my £’s are used. I want to buy something for £6.50 or 6.5 coin, figures normal people understand.

    I like the idea of using my computer as part of the coin system as it makes me feel part of the overall community with a shared goal, that being having a safe coin we can actually use every day.

    I can see something exciting in what is stated as the aim of JSECoin. I hope the people setting it up are true to their word about being open and honest and it is not just a scam. But in all honesty I personally think the dream of a universal coin not under the bankers or governments control is something I’m willing to get on board with.

    Most of the conversations here are well above my pay grade when it comes to the detail discussed but I’m hopefull.

    One final point…why is the £ the wrong way round in thelogo picture ? that is a concern especially as this is a UK startup !

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    It’s meant to look like a J so with the dollar and Euro it looks like JSE. I don’t love it either to be honest.

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    Monero is growing really fast, I hope JSECoin will do the same as well 🙂

    We all have goal – to value of JSE will be high.

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    #1 Fan of Jsecoin. When Jsecoin will go to exchanges soon. It will grow UP more as more people will see JSE 🙂

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