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    I’m a webmaster who implemented the JSE code on my website. No problem for the moment but i have an important question :

    Don’t you think that the fact that the JSECOIN’s code is not in nofollow, risks attracting a sanction of google for duplicate content?

    Look, if you type this request in the google search bar, sites that have installed the jsecoin’s code will be displayed.

    It means that all these sites display the same text in the eyes of google.

    if the goal of JSECOIN is to be more and more used in the future, this phenomenon will inevitably increase and google will sanction webmasters sooner or later by downgrading their sites. Needless to say that is the worst penalty for them.

    I think that you should consult a SEO in order to study this risk.
    What is your opinion on this question??

    Thanks for your attention and sorry for my english

    Sylvain, a french webmaster, user of JSECOIN 🙂

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    Just a little “up” 🙂
    I think that this question is very important for the JSECOIN’s future


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    Don’t worry, this is just a line of text Google sees because they are not logged in; has absolutely no influence on your SEO (same as the millions of sites with identical “follow us on Facebook” or “read more” texts)

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    James Bachini


    We do actually use the nofollow on the adtech links etc. We can’t use a meta tag for noindex as this would ruin webmasters pages. I can’t forsee Google taking issue with duplicate content because it’s clearly being loaded from an external script and we don’t obfuscate this in any way. This will be the same for any website widget that you put on your site.

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    Thank you for your answers.

    To answer James: the pages of my sites are dofollow, if you put an attribute nofollow to your script, it will only apply to your script (the JSECOIN’s box). You know, Google has often sanctioned networks of sites that used the same scripts in their footer. This mostly concerns SEO so far and This has even become the nightmare of many SEO!

    For JSECOIN, I do not think that Google will be understanding insofar as your project aims to take market share (advertising CPC) to Google Adsense.

    Without the nofollow, it will be very easy for Google to trace and downgrade sites using the script (see the link in my first message)
    I’m not one but I sincerely think you should seek advice from an SEO expert.

    Be that as it may, long life to jesecoin! 🙂

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