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    John G

    I’ve been noticing other crypto venture cockroaches crawling/rushing out of the woodwork intending to emulate JSEcoin, except that JSEcoin is already light years ahead in terms of function and development. As they say, competition is the sincerest form of flattery. Their existence only highlights and proves the legitimacy and promise of JSEcoin’s ideas and ecosystem.

    For example, I’ve just read the whitepaper of one of them, Gath3r, who are trying for a modest ICO later this year. So far it seems they have nothing except their white paper and their website, and it’s interesting that in it they identify and acknowledge JSEcoin as the leader (Coinhive also mentioned).

    And while JSEcoin’s whitepaper is “meat and potatoes” mostly explaining all about the technology and plan for driving the ecosystem, their’s has none of that…. mainly justlots of talk about the market.

    From this I get the sense the platform/website mining, advert, merchandising, currency industry/ecosystem is ready to explode, and JSEcoin is already “there” now, with big plans clearly mapped out.

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    John G

    Just to be clear, jSEcoin has INVENTED this ecosystem that others are now rushing to emulate.

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    James Bachini

    Yes increased competition is to be expected. We have a one year head start, incredible community and some funding from the ICO so we are in a strong position to compete with any newcomers to the market. Important not to be complacent though and we still need to move fast in both development and business strategy to execute the plans effectively before the market gets more saturated.

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    Hobo Joe

    Hey John, that’s interesting to hear that there are forks of JSEcoin. That’s cool actually, Bitcoin gets forked all the time, being forked is a little bit of a sign of success in my view.

    That said, I would like to politely disagree with you on one point. JSECoin did not invent the idea of browser mining, I think Coinhive did, but even if someone did it before them, JSECoin did not invent the idea. Additionally, there are Bitcoin miners as well, they just don’t work as well as Monero browser miners because Monero is ASIC-resistant and Bitcoin is not. Not meant in any insult to JSECoin, but they brought Coinhive’s mining system and adjusted the concept into a browser mining blockchain rather than a browser mining platform that mines Monero or another blockchain.

    I can see that you’re really into the JSECoin project and that’s cool, but let’s keep our statements accurate and reliable. Thank you for your post John.

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    James Bachini

    Actually our platform was live before coinhive I believe. It all happened pretty close together last summer but our platform was already going when coinhive had the piratebay incident. We looked at the wayback machine and there was no website or anything for coinhive at the time when we launched the first platform. We tried contacting them a while back to iron out a few things but they never responded. Having said that I had someone tell me at a show that years ago they done a similar thing with Bitcoin before the development of ASIC’s and possibly even GPU mining rigs. I don’t know for sure if Bitcoin was ever mined in a browser but certainly it would have been possible when the project was still in its infancy. Our claim to fame can be first ever and still largest opt-in browser miner which is indisputable… I think?

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    CoinHive is minig Monero and it is going in black way (hidden mining).
    JSECoin is opposite and it is going in white way.
    But does this means it will be possible to reach atleast 1% of Monero price for each JSE? I don’t want to answer on this.

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    Filmovi sa prevodom
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