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    Will we be listed at coinmarketcap?
    Do JSE team has plans to be listed in a second exchange?
    Any thoughts on this?

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    Yes so we need a 2nd exchange before we apply for coinmarketcap listing. Working on that this week.

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    Use the money from the ico to get listed on binance and bittrex. I think thats a good idea

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    Thing is the team has operational costs. Plus right now is a really bad time to sell off ETH, when I bought JSECoin my ETH was worth something around $340 and its $225 last I checked, even went down to $170 at one point. I am really angry with myself for not buying at $170 too… I knew I should have.

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    ETH will be back up there $500 + at somepoint in the future, im sure the team are aware that the future price of any ETH held will be good.

    I think asian market – yes! This is definately a fast growing area/market with plenty of $.

    As for a second exchange to choose from, not sure – something with good exposure prospects, stability and something known for good integrity.

    I wonder if Binance is approachable under =

    Binance Labs =

    What we do:

    ◆ Incubate entrepreneurs and projects

    ◆ Make direct investments

    ◆ Collaborate with other industry partners and
    participate as LP

    We support entrepreneurs in:

    ◆ Funding

    ◆ Go-to-market strategy & BD

    ◆ Token Models & Distributions

    ◆ Technical Review

    ◆ Talent Recruiting

    This is worth looking into!!!


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    James Bachini

    We actually applied for twice but never heard anything back. I heard a negative rumor that they only invest in projects that they have a large equity stake in but I don’t know if there’s any truth behind it. Binance & Bittrex are $2-5 million USD in listing fees, I don’t think we could justify those kind of costs even if we had EOS’s budget 🙂

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    Why don’t you take the money from the 5.000.000 JSE ? (those JSE’s that you are about to burn)

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    Hobo Joe

    When you do 5.000.000 I am assuming that’s 5 million… Yes?

    5,000,000 JSE might only bring in $30,000. That’s not going to cover the listing fees.

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    My fault i ment 5 billion from ico

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    James Bachini

    Because we wouldn’t be able to sell it without crashing the price on exchange. We aren’t planning on selling any JSE at this time and want to avoid it in future. Possibly later on it could be used as leverage in a VC deal i.e. we can offer x% equity and x million JSE in return for funding from a venture capital firm. This would work out better because working with a prestigious VC firm would be good PR which could potentially increase valuations.

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    Do you have any plans in making JSE price increase in the future?
    I believe that you understand that we have to achieve highest price possible.

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    We have all this goal as you Christos mentioned.
    We all want to JSECoin value will go to moon.
    Absolutely JSECoin team is doing all based on their plans to get higher value / popularity of the coin.

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    James Bachini

    Short term – Listing on coinmarketcap, coingecko etc. Raising awareness of our listing and project.

    Medium term – Priority is to get the ad exchange released. This will create utility and demand for the token.

    Long term – Develop the merchant tools to provide a competitive crypto payment solution for the web. Develop publisher relations to build volume on the mining and exchange.

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