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    Ilya Rogalin

    Today I have mined about 100 hashes without any earning. And yesteday the same number of hashes gives me 18 tokens. What does it mean?

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    I had the same issue over 500 hashes last night not one coin.

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    I’ve noticed this also, only thing I can think of is the difficulty is getting higher

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    I have this running on an Asus tinkerboard and getting roughly around 5000 h/s. The max on any device is around 11000 h/s. This doesn’t seem to make a big difference but since it seems the difficulty is higher I’ll run it on my iPhone8 for the 11000+ h/s and see if it makes a difference. So far 200 excepted hashes and no earnings.

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    Try relogin, after hitting 200 hashes with no reward, I logged out and back in and got 14JSE @ 179 hashes found

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    Hello Brice. Can you share your hashrate speed test info?

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    i guess am not the only one experiencing this hashes found/token reward ratio issue, currently am running self mining with 187 hashes found so far, still 0 jse coin, 3712 active self miners at an average of 3900 hashes/sec

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    I got you all beat 1435 hashes 0 COIN. I’ll screen shot next time.

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    Hi, could be a disconnection issue. Restart the web browser and reconnect. Is there any error message in the little text console on the mining page? Anyone having connection issues on the web generally around the same time? It should reconnect automatically if this happens so I’m not sure what is causing the intermittent failure. Difficulty shouldn’t change dramatically on a day to day basis there may be some variance but doing the maths this doesn’t make sense.

    1 hash every 30 second block and there’s currently 3800 platform miners online, 50 rewards per block so it should take 76 hashes (38 minutes) per 1 JSE reward on average.

    If you could take a screenshot or copy and paste the console messages that would be a big help in trying to track down the problem. Also any other information such as the browser/app you are using, local environment etc would be really helpful.

    Thank you

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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