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    It seems like I get less for mining than yesterday even though there’s less miners today than yesterday.
    What is the reason for that?

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    I believe it could be an equality issue which is key to fairness for all.

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    Could be a small amount of variance in it. There have been no technical issues on the network yesterday which would cause this. Perhaps check when the last reward came in to make sure it’s still running.

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    As the rewards are based on lottery system and not earnings per hash, there might be times that you’re getting more than other times.. sometimes your’e mining for hours without getting any rewards, other times you get a lot rewards in a short amount of time.

    I have extracted and visualised the blockchain data, and apart from a few users that *seem* to have more luck than the rest, the earning seem to be really fairly distributed between the platform miners.

    The visual could be found here (data refreshes daily):!/vizhome/JSECoin/JSECoinBlockchain

    to highlight yourself you could enter your user id which you could find on the platform (account number on dashboard tab)

    If you notice that the earnings are lower I usually check the mining app if it is still working correctly.. sometimes the hashrate drops without explanation, and what you could also check is the console window, it should say about once ever 30 seconds “JSE Data Received:”, if it doesn’t do that it means that there is something wrong. Most of the times restarting the mining app will fix those problems.

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    Thanks Rob, everything is clear.
    There was an error in the miner, probably because I had network problems.
    Works great now!

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