No mining today 13/ Feb – due to new module?

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    Hi team,

    See the web-site mining process on pause for at least half a day today – is that the side impact of the new module available on the platform already? When do you expect to launch mining again?

    Thx, Alex

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    James Bachini

    Hi Alex,

    There was some issues with the publisher mining yesterday when we were pushing out the update for the ad exchange. It should be back to normal now? Apologies for this we try to cause minimum disruption to the network when doing updates but it’s still something we can improve on.

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    Hi James,

    No issue, you did warn of that. Mining is back indeed – at a rather modest ratio though, thus wondering if there are works ongoing.

    Thanks anyway,

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    Anyone else noticed drop in mining ratio? 3-4 times down for me since the ad exchange launch – or is that the mining competition has since increased? Any stats JSE team would have on this?

    Thank you,

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    I can’t think what would have caused this. We didn’t change the mining algorithm at all on this update. Could be a knock on effect but 3-4 times less is a huge difference and nothing should have changed the distribution of tokens that much. Publisher rewards are still going out at the same fixed daily distribution. I know that on the Wednesday we pushed out the update mining rewards were down for everyone because of disruption to the network but it should have gone back to normal the following day.

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    Hi James,

    As replied on the other thread, it is a persistent issue, if you look at my earnings history the entire previous week is down and seems to continue today, whereas visitors’ behaviour is the same.

    I guess my only option is to observe further past the effective as exchange launch.


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