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    So recently I thought that I could use this site to have people from my school open up the website and mine for me, but after doing some testing I have not recieved anything from my website even though I am able to mine hashes on the personal lowest cpu setting. Have i done something wrong?

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    James Bachini

    Hi Fischer, nothing wrong but it sounds like all the people in the school might be on the same IP address. On the publisher mining there is a limit of one reward per ip address per 24 hours unfortunately.

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    Are we given a reward for each unique user or are the users that go on the site and stay there mining for us?

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    The publisher side is based on the unique users (including unique IP address) that opt-in to the mining

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    Are there more details available on the new AI-based way of coins distribution between the publishers? Observing the earnings for several days and does not make sense to me: more opt-ins bring more coins, whereas same opt-ins with overall more visitors sitting on the site for longer does not seem to bring any additional coins – while the idea was it should..

    Another point is striking difference in earnings between the similar (N of visitors and length of staying) days – 3-4 times different earning.


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    James Bachini

    There’s been quite a few changes since the original update which is why there are fluctuations in the daily earnings. We are trying to balance it out so that everyone is happy (an impossible task). Hopefully we are getting closer but likely there will be further updates in the near future as we tweak things according to the data.

    I can’t understand why more visitors sitting on the site for longer wouldn’t bring in more revenue. The opposite should be true more visitors + longer on site = more earnings. If it’s low volume it could just be variance or it could be a traffic quality issue if you are buying the traffic from a 3rd party or it could be to do with the above and we are changing things while you are running tests.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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