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    Mods should really start a presence on Reddit ASAP. Reddit is the biggest site out there and is a huge tool for cryptocurrency. Take a look at Vertcoin for example, their team is heavily invested into their subreddit and the community is blowing up. Blog posts might help with this as well, just post a link on Reddit to the blog post for more exposure.

    Social media is key in cryptocurrency and Reddit is the main tool to use now days.

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    No response at all for 3 days, this kind of proves how the project is going to end up.

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    Right?.. That’s what i’m thinking

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    Dave Mallett

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for this suggestion, we will definitely look into setting this up.



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    So, are there any news concerning JSEcoin going viral? Forums like bitcointalk, reddit and more should be used in order to gain more investors and spread the idea of JSEcoin. After about 2 weeks of following this site though, I got the impression that JSEcoin is barely being worked on …

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    I agree. Bitcointalk is very active and a great place to get some publicity.

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    I mean, the whole concept of JSEcoin is very promising and might actually become a success if (!) marketed right.

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    Hi KeH,

    Bitcointalk is particularly important to the success of this project. We haven’t launched a ANN thread there yet because I don’t feel that we are ready to start marketing towards investors. The audience on Bitcointalk tend to be very cynical with good reason and I think we need everything else in place to stand a chance of not just get “shitcoin” “scam” type responses.

    Things like the ICO plan are still being finalized and the whitepaper is still being worked on. Once this is all ready and the team feels we are ready to move towards attracting investors we will start marketing efforts which will include a bitcointalk thread.

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    Great to hear James! 🙂

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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