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    Hi please post your thoughts on our recent announcement on opt-in mining.

    Moving to an opt-in system

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    Jsecoin is getting worst.
    I joined jsecoin to lessen the loading page of my website removing lots of ads.
    Not most of my visitors on my website will click the continue button. Which will gonna end up lessen my earnings.
    Sorry to tell you this, but
    If it comes to that I’d rather go for adsense or normal advertising networks.
    Or even go for coinhive.

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    I feel this is a step in the wrong direction as the abusers will find ways to force opt-ins while non-abusers will suffer with what I assume will be less then 1% participation.

    If you take this step I recommend you keep an eye on ANY site that has higher then normal participation. The average click-through rate on banners is what, 5%?

    This will make it easy for a site with a small amount of traffic with lots of opt-ins make more money then a site with tons of traffic and little opt-ins (quality of a site has nothing to do with opt-ins!!!!!!). It will NOT prevent botnet issues, it will make them worse as the botnets can be programmed to opt-in! The hackers will win in the end if you do this I believe.

    I did notice that some of our users complained about McAfee listing JSEcoin as a warning, don’t bow down to these security companies which do very little to actual keep computers secure. They are only stealing peoples money for a sense of false security. I’d personally rather have those users NOT visit my site as they likely have ad blockers on top of their virus scanners. My websites need revenue, currently Google/facebook seem to be the only companies making real money with ads while the rest of us content providers get the scraps.

    Can’t you make some sort of “top bar” that says “your computer will mine while on this site, to disable click here now” then have a countdown of 5 or 10 seconds until the bar disapeers? That would give users a much easier way to opt-out each day they visit the website while still allowing most to mine.

    I will sadly have to goto one of those Monero networks if this is a permanent change.

    PS- I represent 10-50 thousand uniques currently earning around 10 JSE daily.

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    This is total fail. Current system of this thing is totally great. I know one site that tried almost same thing as you want to integrate and they noticed very fast that this is the wrong option (and they go back to normal banner ads).

    Also some people will get scared and they will close website. And trust me – also a lot of people don’t want to allow mining.

    Leave it in current way and it will be OK.

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    One potential sweetener for an opt-in model is to point out to smartphone users that allowing background mining will cost them less in data charges compared to a site that is displaying traditional advertising (google adsense type) banners.

    Has any analysis/research been done into this on your side? For me this is another potential advantage of your system compared to the traditional model.

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    Hey everyone, thanks for your comments.

    We have some code ready which will prevent 99%+ of bot traffic. We’ve made it very difficult to opt-in programmatically. By cutting out the bad traffic, anyone with real users on their site should benefit from higher earnings. Anyone with bot traffic, non-real or non-interactive users will stand to lose out but I don’t think this is a bad thing and it means more distribution for the genuine publishers.

    With regards to network load, now we have the hash a hash system rolled out the network load is next to nothing because we are only sending sha256 hashes as opposed to the full block data.

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    Josh you were one of our very first large publishers and I really don’t want to lose your account to a Monero miner. I think you should see an increase in earnings and less problems with Antivirus/ad blockers in the medium term. If you are willing to just try the new system for a week I’d be interested to hear your feedback and changes in earnings.

    We will be checking sites using automated fraud checks and manually as well. It’s another data field we can use to identify issues. I’m not ignorant enough to think that we will block out all bots/fraud but we are going to be making it considerably harder for the bad publishers to game the system.

    Another thing to note is that once a user has opted-in or opted-out they won’t be bothered by the notification again on future visits. So it’s like a one time cookie notification rather than constant bombardment of advertising.

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    Is the permanent opt-in that is cookie based cross-site compatible? Or will users have to opt-in at every site we have the code on?

    How will you handle sites that force users to opt-in to view content? I imagine some may block website content until users “opt-in”. Similar to how some sites will block content if they detect “ad-blockers” are installed and won’t allow users to see website content until the ad-blocker is turned off.

    Sites that force users to opt-in will have a very large advantage over sites that don’t require an opt-in and depend on the end-user accepting it. The fact that only 5% will opt in (if that) will make these abusers making 95% more then others with the same traffic amounts due to them forcing users to opt-in.

    Since I offer free hosting and depend on ad revenue I’ve already toyed with the idea of blocking end-users with ad-blockers. I haven’t done it yet but I may be forced to if the ad revenue doesn’t improve and mining options are blocked by “so called virus protection” companies. Honestly I’d rather not have the end-users visit my website if they have ad-blockers or virus scanners that will warn about my website when it isn’t doing anything “bad”.

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    I’d prefer to see an opt-out button rather than an opt-in. Much of my traffic is people that visit infrequently so I don’t see them opting in.

    Like Josh, I’m likely to remove JSE Coin from my site as I’m not sure the advantage will be there anymore. I was excited about this technology as I have a very niche site that is hard to get advertisers for, despite having good traffic.

    The only thing that might get me to consider is it there’s much more weight on the length a visitor stays on the site as I have long site visits.

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    Hi Josh, opt-ins will be network wide. So once a user has opted in they will mine without being hassled by the notification across all publishers. Over time this will allow us to build a growing user base of opt-in miners.

    Another user actually mentioned about firing a javascript event so they could detect when a user has opted-in. I can see benefits and drawbacks to this. In some ways I feel that it is a webmasters prerogative to block users that don’t allow ads / mining. We are only a tiny cog in a big system but we should lead by example and what the antivirus companies do is wrong on so many levels. One of the drawbacks you’ve already mentioned is that webmasters who hide content for optouts could potentially earn more, I think just like with advertising this is offset by a negative user experience. The other issue is we wouldn’t have control over how someone is using the javascript event and that raises concerns over.

    Additionally we had a meeting yesterday and one of the things we agreed on was doubling the publisher earnings for 7 days after the opt-in system goes live. We aren’t doing this to cut anyone’s earnings and I genuinely believe that the vast majority of genuine publishers stand to benefit without the doubled rewards. That being said it will give us a seven day window where we can check earnings across a number of sites, optimize the notification and try and push for whitelistings with the Antivirus companies. It is only temporary but it will also give publishers a chance to try the system for a week without risking lower earnings and come to a conclusion about if they still want to be involved in the project. Obviously any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated.

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    I don’t understand why you guys fear the antivirus companies so much.

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    Yes, I agree. Even if will be more flags than with opt-in system will be still more profitable.

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    Think about it: if a warning pops up on your computer from your antivirus provider, you would be hesitant to proceed to that site. Antivirus providers can claim that JSE is a potential malware process, etc.

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    JSE Admin

    It’s not so much that we fear them as the fact I believe what they are doing is wrong.

    We’ve seen them flag our project as malicious / malware / one even went as far as to claim they stopped an intrusion attack from our site.

    This is ridiculous but we have to do something to “fix” it as we will lose potential investors / miners / users in the long-term if we don’t. If we can get whitelisted (and I think we will on the vast majority) then we will be in a unique position where we aren’t losing x% of users in this way. This will help us compete in the long-term as the industry grows.

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    I’d bet 1000 JSE that most of these virus companies will still classify the mining as a warning even if it is opt-in only. Unless of course you pay them some money.

    If the opt-in fails to get JSEcoin unlisted as “malicious” I assume you would go back to opt-out as that is the only real benefit of going opt-in?

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