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    one even went as far as to claim they stopped an intrusion attack from our site.

    This just shows Anti-Virus software companies only care about scaring their own customers into thinking the purchase they made of “security software” is actually stopping something dangerous. I wouldn’t be surprised if some use these warnings as a way to scare customers into purchasing the premium version as they see it all the time and have NO CLUE it’s coming from the websites they are visiting. I’ve seen youtube videos and threads of these clueless users wondering how JSCoin is hacking their computer over and over and if it wasn’t for “security software X” they would be SOL.

    The fact of the matter is the virus companies don’t care about JSEcoin mining or any mining for that matter. It’s just another thing their end user “benefits” from getting blocked, one more bullet point for the security software website (box art).

    Also don’t forget any competing cypto-coin competes against Bitcoin and one day will likely negatively effect it (compared to if 0 other crypto-currency existed to choose from). I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the rich owners of these companies are invested in BitCoin already…

    All I can say for certain is they only care about their profits.

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    Wonder how many visitors would actually opt-in voluntarily if there are no consequences. It is like getting a choice to browse a site with or without ads.. probably 99% would choose for the non-ad version.

    How about giving them a choice between an ad-free experience with background mining, or non-mining but with ads? either way, the webmaster would at least earn either by mining or the ads. I think that would work better than opt-in.. at least I would probably choose the mining variant if I get a choice. 🙂

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    We will be publishing live figures daily in the public stats for hits > uniques > optins. And these stats will be available in the panel as well so everyone can see what percentage of their site visitors are opting in, what is the average etc. SubID tracking will also work with optins so webmasters can track page optin rates, which users opted in etc if they wish.

    The idea of an ad-free experience with background mining is the main goal of this project. At the moment I don’t think we can expect webmasters to use our platform to deliver ads because JSE is not tradeable yet. In the future we might be able to manage this so that we can give users an option and webmasters earn either way. Obviously this would mean that all ads on a site would be run through the JSEcoin platform for it to be ad free. The currency would need to be pretty stable and valuable to make this a viable alternative to Adsense etc. Another option would be to fire a javascript event on opt-in. Webmasters could then listen for this event and disable ads if they wish to. This is something we’ve talked about but I don’t think we are going to implement it straight away. I have concerns that webmasters could potentially lock content until the user opts-in and I’m not keen on forced/incentivized mining.

    There is definitely a opportunity in the future to do more with advertising and look at other monetization methods and systems we can offer to webmasters. The digital advertising industry is going through a shake up with ad blockers and now the chrome blocker launched earlier in the month. I think that we are in a great position to help offer an alternative to traditional banner advertising. The ad-free (with mining) experience could please users and webmasters alike… Now if we can just convince Wikipedia.

    Another huge benefit to offering advertising to webmasters is that we could also offer placements to advertisers/affiliates/media buyers etc. This would create demand on the exchanges for JSE. So advertising placements would be purchased and sold via the platform in JSE which would need to be purchased from somewhere. By creating demand for the token it would tilt the supply and demand scale and potentially increase JSE value past what we could achieve with just investor speculation.

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    Do you have any stats on how many visitors are getting warnings from security software companies? I have had 0 complaints from my members and my traffic hasn’t gone down since implementing JSE Coin.

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    There’s some market share data here:

    This blog post from Microsoft indicates 76% of users have an anti-virus system. I would assume this includes their built in protection in win10 as that seems a lot:

    There’s a breakdown by country in that info-graphic as well. My gut feeling is that the amount of “questionable” anti-virus products that might actually block us would be closer to around 10% of total traffic.

    Ad blockers are around 15-20% but growing really fast, source:
    We are currently only blocked by nocoin which is a 3rd party plugin for adblock plus. There’s not a significant number of users that have installed it.

    Then there is Google Chromes latest development which includes a built in ad blocker. Chrome is 50%+ of total internet traffic I believe. So if Google decided for whatever reason that they wanted to block us it would be a significant blow.

    Opt-in rates are going to be around 30% initially I believe, growing to 50%+ after a month or two with repeat visitors who have already opted in.

    Webmasters will be credited for repeat visitors who have already opted in. The algorithm is going to be tweaked over the next few weeks once we have live data to make it as fair as possible.

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    James, thank you for the data.

    I hope the industry shifts to not needing this as there are many more ways to harness the power of JSECoin’s browser mining if an opt-in isn’t required and by still notifying users that mining is taking place.

    I personally have about 7 to 8 ways to implement it, but the options I’m referring to won’t work with an opt-in.

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    When did you start with the opt-in popup? I am seeing a slight increase in earnings but decrease of hashes in the lasts few days

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    José Pinto

    When I chose the optout, Kasperski tells me that:

    The object is infected by HEUR:Trojan.Script.Generic

    Please comment

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    Hi Jose,

    Are you able to send us a screenshot of this at all please. We have been blocked by Kaspersky in the past however we were whitelisted by them yesterday and so you shouldn’t be getting this warning.

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    Based on how many coins I’m getting for very little hashes shows this move is “killing” JSECoin. I shouldn’t be making more JSECoin with little to no hashes.

    Hits / Uniques
    8058 / 1821

    These stats just seem “wrong”.

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    JSE Admin

    Hi Josh, hashes found aren’t given much weight in the rewards algorithm because it’s too open to abuse (high powered mining gear). The rewards program for publishers is more based around uniques and opt-ins now although those earnings do still look on the high side compared to what I’d expect. The stats would suggest that users aren’t staying on the site for very long but it’s very low volume for a data sample and due to the random nature of finding hashes there is some variance involved. Also we have the difficulty for hashes set at 100x the settings for self-miners so there’s not going to be as many hashes submitted on the publisher side. Another reason the earnings are high is that we have just finished the double earnings one week period that we spoke about previously so earnings will go back to “normal”.

    Internally I think there have been a few bugs and glitches, the rewards algorithm is still a work in progress but generally the update went pretty well. We are up to just under 4 million unique opt-in miners now. Live stats are on the blockchain explorer. We’ve got the anti-virus whitelistings that were important for the project (for the most part, still waiting on a few) and we’ve had mixed feedback from webmasters with the majority of it being positive. We have lost a significant amount of computation power and network volume but I think the volume that we did lose is from sites that had non-interactive users in the first place bot nets/ paid to click schemes etc. So the network traffic is “cleaner” and more genuine now which again is good for the project in the long-term.

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    Hi guys, I own advertising membership sites, so for me the opt in system is helping a lot.
    Many advertising sites were blocking my domains cause of having JSE script.
    Now with the network wide opt in system, some of them have already changed their mind,
    they have opt out from JSE and unbanned my domains.

    And I have a question if I may, where I should direct people with such questions,
    I am not sure…
    “As yet, I’ve not seen an option to opt in or out of JSEcoin. I am quite happy to have another look, but I may need help from you as to where to look to find the option. Kaspersky may have whitelisted it, but from what I can see, by far the majority of anti-malware programs pop up an alert when they see it. Which, I hope you can understand, isn’t a good look when someone is surfing my site.”

    If someone saw the site many times, how he can access the opt-in/opt-out option.

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    Hi Merry,

    There is a opt-out link in the privacy notice itself or you can visit our privacy page which also includes a network wide opt-out link here:

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