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    Mining code update pushed out this morning (27th July 2018). If you have been mining for more than 12 hours please refresh your browser or restart the desktop app.

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    Richard Kimber

    Is there a way of getting status messages like this via email? Had I not looked at the forum by chance I would not have seen this.

    – Richard

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    Hi Richard,

    We only do a email update once a month on average because we don’t want to end up in the spam folders.

    Social channels get more regular updates:

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    Did the mining speed changed because of that? It seems the mining has been accelerated (more jsecoin collected than before). Or is this completely unrelated?

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    Todd D

    I think it has increased the reward rate, I could be wrong but it does seem to be generating more JSE.

    Is there anywhere on the site that lets us know what’s changed when updates are rolled out?

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    Hi Todd, not on the site but you can see the latest updates on the github repo.

    Updates for the JSE node are here for example:

    We do try and let people know on the social channels if there’s going to be a big update that logs everyone off or requires a restart/refresh.

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    The sudden increase in rewards is paradoxically quite concerning though. What is the coin worth if the difficulty to get it constantly changes depending on the mining code update?

    Even more concerning when there is no communication about it.

    Provided the number of miners and h/s stays the same, what if today it takes me 30 min to mine one JSEcoin but tomorrow it only takes me 10 min? What if after tomorrow it now takes 5h? What does this say about the consistency of the coin mining? Aren’t you afraid people get rightfully distrustful about a coin that can suddenly be mined much faster or slower after an update? Because I assume that’s gonna happen again.

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    Cedric Meschin

    Hi James,

    thanks for the help.
    It past 3 days without none JSECoin mined 🙁
    And now after restart session, One JSECoin mined in few minutes.

    Thank you very much James.

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    Greg, the mining distribution has stayed fixed since last year. The number of tokens being rewarded are the same, what is changing is the number of publishers and self-miners online at any one time. The fixed distribution is spread between the total number of self-miners so there are fluctuations in individual earnings and variance plays a part too. I think this is the best way of doing it rather than varying distribution to match the number of self-miners though.

    There was communication, we put announcements on all the social channels:

    We can’t send an email out on every update because it’s 80,000+ emails and we would end up in the spam folder after a week or two. If you have any other suggestions about how we can communicate more clearly with users let me know and I will take it on board.

    @Cedric, glad it’s sorted.

    Apologies for the disruption to everyone, the platform and network are still under active development and we don’t consider it a finished product. There will be further resets/updates/problems in future. With better testing and development practices these should be happening less now than they were last year but some disruption to service is inevitable as we push forwards with developing the JSE project.

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    maybe add the ability to push these kind of alerts and messages to the app or platform?

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    @james I did say “provided that the number of miners and h/s stay the same”, in this case we’ve even had an increase number of active self-miners (and my h/s stayed the same), yet i got an increase in rewards. I’m not complaining of getting more JSEcoin, but i don’t understand why i’m getting more even though self-miners number have increased.

    So your explanation won’t apply here. The only reason i’m seeing is that a good chunk of people identified as active self-miners (currently we are 3777) are in reality “passive” active miners who just went on vacation or something with the mining put on auto pilot and didn’t restart since your update. So, the current active self-miners number displayed is probably wrong and should be divided by 2 or 3 since a lot of miners are mining for nothing like the person just above.

    That’s the only explanation I see, otherwise, that would mean there is indeed something wrong with your code update that has improved the reward system for us.

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    The rewards are still going out the same, you can see them here

    It could be that some miners still haven’t restarted their devices. The only way I can really think to solve this would be to introduce a timeout or log out period to prevent people mining 24/7. Even if we push a notification on the app the chances are they aren’t checking the devices every day if they haven’t noticed that no mining rewards have come in during the last week. I think a 24hr log out would be pretty unpopular though. What are peoples thoughts on this?

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    Yeah, an 24hr auto logout wouldn’t be my favorite solution 🙂

    I still think pushing a notification to the app and platform would help.. many self-miners probably don’t follow the forum or social channels, but they most likely do check the app or platform every once in a while to see how much rewards they received

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    Richard Kimber

    I wouldn’t be keen on a 24 hour logout.

    The problem is that some of us don’t do “social media”, which seem to be mainly for people with nothing better to do in their lives 🙂

    I think the idea of a message pushed to the actual mining page is a good one. Many forums do that on their pages, and it’s usually configurable by the user.

    I can see that the email solution in the form of a message to everyone is somewhat cumbersome for you, but it could be made simpler if it was on an opt-in basis. I think it’s up to users to configure their spam folders properly.

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