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    I am platform mining by logging into the JSE Coin website and after every 5 mins or so the session keeps timing out. I am not sure what the issue here is. Can I not leave it overnight and try to mine using my browser?


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    Hi Sharat,

    Yes you shouldn’t be getting session timeouts unless you are logging in on multiple devices or something like that. Could you copy and paste the error message next time it appears please? Also if you could let me know what browser/device you are using we will test it here to see if we can replicate.

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    Hi Sharat,

    Could it also be 1 of the following;

    1, Refreshing the page to check on earnings. By refreshing you are effectively leaving the page and reentering and so will be required to log in again. This is a fairly standard security feature.

    2, You are signing into your account on a second device. Users are limited to one device, and as soon as a second login is made you will be logged out of the first account.

    If it is neither of these please let me know and I will continue to investigate what could be causing this issue.

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    Hi James and Dave,

    Yes, now that you guys mention it, it does seem like I am getting signed out when I sign in on a second device. Is it not possible to mine on 2 different machines when logged in?


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    We want to avoid going down the path of multiple user accounts and multiple devices because this will eventually lead to an arms race for whoever has access to the most devices and goes against the system we are trying to create.

    In order to prevent users with access to a large amount of devices and server farms from taking over the mining there are also further restrictions in place meaning rewards will be split between users on the same IP address or account. Rewards are distributed via a lottery system where finding a valid hash earns a ticket into that blocks lottery. There is a limit to 1 ticket per IP address and account and so there is no benefit to multiple accounts/devices.

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    Great, thanks for clarifying!

    One final question: If I am a webmaster, does that mean that I cannot use the publishers script on the website and also mining through my JSE Coin account going together? Does it have to be only one at a time?

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    James Bachini

    Hi Sharat, you can use both simultaneously. The mining pools are totally separate so there’s no problem.

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    Great, thanks!

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